If ever you find yourself in Raleigh, check out Escazu Chocolates, and try one of the spicy chocolate push-ups. You will not be disappointed! I was introduced to this wondrous place by Faith and Matthew today, along with Ornamentea, which is the place to go if you’re looking for sheets of mica, the makings for steampunk trinkets, papier mache camels, or metalsmithing tools. Hey, everyone’s grocery list is different.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader trailer. *jumps up and down excitedly* I love the way they made Lucy look like Susan in the reflection. Oo, and she gets to use Susan’s bow? But wait, what is this? All four Pevensies? Peter and Susan, you are not in this book! I missed you, though, so I suppose you may stay.
Tangled trailer. Trite as some of this appears, I may have to watch it, just on principle.
Click: A Lego short film.
When did Jake Gyllenhaal get to be so amusing? Don’t even know anything about the movie, but he’s hilarious.

Sea turtle films self, becomes YouTube sensation. The guy mentions that he thought at first a diver was being attacked by a sea turtle, and that is definitely what I would think as well, if I found this camera washed up somewhere. “Holy cow, guys, I always knew giant sea turtles were out for blood! With those blinky, beady eyes…those perilous flippers…they’ve been plotting our doom all along! Now I have proof!” And then it turns out the turtle just wanted his 15 minutes of fame.
Bones of Saxon queen Eadgyth found. Both the history minor and the English major in me leapt for joy when I read this!

In case you were unaware, June 16th was Captain Picard Day. Did you make your clay model?

Speaking of Star Trek, I’ve been watching a few episodes of the Next Generation lately. I forgot how much I adored that show! There is nothing better than some good Trek. And now I am boldly going to bed.