I have a tragic tale to spin for you, my comrades. Sullivan, my trusty sidekick on many adventures, is no more. Lightning fried his motherboard (why oh why didn’t I have him plugged into a surge protector? I shall always blame myself for his demise.), and now his laptop corpse rests in peace under my bed.

Good news! I’ve already found his replacement. Lockheed is a spiffy new laptop with a 500GB harddrive, a 4GB DDR2 memory, AND Windows 7. I think we will get along quite splendidly.

In other news, the spate of weddings is over, and they were all lovely! It’s so handy when my friends marry each other. Saves so much time. I am very, very happy for all of them! I am considerably less merry over cobaltmist moving away back to Wisconsin, however. *mopes*

Ryan vs. Dorkman, one of the best Star Wars fanfilms ever. Classic, you guys.
Second only to Ryan vs. Dorkman 2. Yet more fantastic choreography, although a nasty ending.
Star Trek TNG Reunion at Comic Con. Call me an enormous geek (it would be an accurate description), but I listened to this entire panel and laughed my head off. If you’re a Trekkie, check it out!

Bloopers with Bill Dance, renowned fishing expert, making us think differently of fishermen everywhere.
Pretend to be a time traveler. Pretend? This is my reality.
BP spills coffee. Remarkably accurate.
The 4-Chord Song. I’m not terribly fond of Axis of Awesome because they’re kind of gross, but this one is both amusing and musically interesting!
Animated cake.

Real things people Google. Now that I know there’s a site that keeps track of this, I’m suddenly a lot more paranoid about googling things…I google some odd stuff.
Puppetry on a clogged freeway. Brilliant! Also doubtless the cause of many a fender bender.
World’s deadliest bear. I thought for sure this was fake, but now I am not so certain.
15 unique flash drives. I love when things are functional, beautiful, and unique at the same time.
I find sinkholes fascinating. Can you imagine driving along one day when suddenly the earth opens up in front of you? That’d be a near-religious experience right there, aside from the screaming terror as your front wheels slipped inside the yawning pit.
Cop rescues dog, makes friend.
Superhero on Craigslist. I confess, I am endlessly intrigued by the Strictly Platonic category on Craigslist, partially due to the incomprehensible definitions some people have of “strictly platonic,” but partially because of folks like this nifty guy.

Oh you guys. Gormenghast was nearly the death of me. I dragged myself through that book like a small, ragged mouse, wounded in battle with vile scorpions, drags himself across the burning sands of the desert. The sun beats mercilessly upon his small, furry head; he can’t open his eyes against the glare; and he leaves a tiny, pitiful trail of blood in his pathetic wake, as he searches in vain for a drop of water and for shelter from the circling vultures. Now that you have some idea of what reading this book was like for me, you’re probably wondering, “What was so awful about it, Stephanie?” I am actually not quite sure. I mean, Peake used the phrase “voluptuous dust” at least three times, but that in itself isn’t really enough to engender such loathing. Many turns of phrase were actually quite good, and his writing style reminded me a lot of Dickens, whom I love. And yet…the wounded mouse feeling. Peake has scores upon scores of characters, none of whom I liked, and very little plot as such. His writing is also unsettling in that people die so suddenly. (I’m suddenly reminded of The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy exclaims, “People come and go so suddenly!”) But really, sometimes I wasn’t even sure I had read things correctly. There was some scene in which “the lightning played upon” a character, and I thought she was just illuminated by the lightning. Nope. She got fried (just like Sullivan…*sobs*), only so little time is spent on it that I didn’t even realize she was dead for several paragraphs. Don’t worry too much about spoilers; the character was one of so many, and the book is so incredibly long, if you make it that far you won’t really care that she’s gone. In fact, I found myself making little tick marks in my head as characters died (and many, many do) because I figured if Peake ran out of characters, he would have to end the book. Sadly, not quite everyone does die, so the book goes on for quite a long time. It never really does end; Peake just died before he could continue the interminable tale. I feel a little bad for belittling the last work of an author, but…tiny wounded mouse, people.

I’m always sorry when I run across lovely words that have such prosaic meanings. For instance, I was thinking about “heartburn” the other day. Who came up with such a poetic term for acid reflux? Far better that it should mean “the pangs of love” or something equally angsty and romantic. English fail, ladies and gentlemen. Do better.