Regrettably, I have turned into a giant Tokyo-eating mucus-producing monster. I have a cold. Also regrettably, this transformation has occurred during the Era of Weddings. If I come to your wedding sniffling, I’m not lamenting your choice of soulmates, I’m just in need of a Kleenex!

Colds make me decidedly cranky, sleep-deprived, unwitty, and thus unfit to blog, but I’ve found some hilarity and fascination on the web that you must see.

“The Stolen Child” by William Yeats, introduced to me by Anne Elisabeth.
Mark Twain reveals all! Even 100 years after death, this guy is still amazing. “Oh yeah, I wrote an unbelievable autobiography, but don’t you dare publish it until I’ve been dead for a century, or I’ll haunt you all your days.”
Orson Wells meets H.G. Wells…and then they had an interview together. Feels like some kind of fan-constructed AU, but it’s all true!
I recently found the Hyperbole and a Half blog through my friend David, and I laughed inordinately hard. I also rediscovered Hark! A Vagrant! and The Oatmeal, both of which are pretty hilarious.

And the elusive answer to the gulf oil spill is…Kevin Costner? That’s…kind of brilliant, actually.
For those of us who ever looked longingly at a hamster wheel. All three of us.
Once upon a time in Afghanistan is a fascinating photo essay.
The average woman wears $1400 of clothes per day? I don’t know where they get these “average woman” stats. My daily ensemble very, very rarely goes over $100.
Six reasons space travel will always suck. Killjoys! *shakes fist*
Sleeping insects covered in dew is not a line I often type, but this is rather neat.
Are you an Asker or a Guesser? I think this is sort of an oversimplification, but it’s still rather interesting. I’m definitely more of an Asker, but at the same time I think that some of the qualities of a Guesser fall under the heading of good manners, which is, I realize, contradictory to the premise behind the Asker mentality.

I recently found Misery Bear, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Facebook in real life.
Don’t you wish this were your office? I…yes. I do.
Ebert’s Glossary of Movie Terms. Amusing and frighteningly accurate.

Much music to share:
“Through Any Window” by Wisely.
“Sleepyhead” by Passion Pit.
“Black/White” by The Raveonettes.
The Swell Season, a forgettable video with some very lovely music.
This does not happen when I drink tea, but Hugh Jackman appears to be having the time of his life.

I’m going to eat a ginormous batch of popcorn and sniffle repulsively!