Why is propeller head slang for a computer geek? That doesn’t really make sense to me.

I called to change my address for something or other, and the lady on the phone asked for my birthday, so I gave it to her.
Lady, repeating it aloud as she types it in: “January 21st, 1927.”
Me: “No no, 1987.”
Lady: “Oh. Yeah, you didn’t sound that old.”

Well, I should hope not.

For shame, George.
Revenge of the Octopus!
Peeps Show.
Lean, Unlovely English. Oh, I beg to differ!
Dogs Body Sledding, yet another example of animals showing us up in the glee department.
“Microphone” by Coconut Records.
Rain delays are so much more entertaining than the actual sport.
When did baseball get so cool?? I would actually watch it if it was always this exciting.
House of stone, one more place to visit one day.

I was telling Sarah and Danielle about man-eating catfish the other day, and I think I found the original article I saw a while back about the crazy mutant catfish on the Great Kali river. Then that led me to an article on the Ganges River dolphin. I’m always amazed when I learn about yet another species of animal that I have never once heard of in all my 23 years of life, and I think it’s awesome.