Ok, you folks. My good friend Dan, who is a crazy British blacksmith, is selling some positively exquisite handmade axes on ebay. You should check them out.

While we’re on the subject of people I know doing awesome things, one of my professors wrote a comic book, and it’s on Amazon! Cool, no?

Another person I somewhat know, doing something more than somewhat cool: Cole Gorman is a photographer with whom I worked for four days, who then took off for the Sudan to take pictures and dig wells and do altruistic stuff like that. You should check out his photography.

Other things:
The Impossibirds. Is this real? Doesn’t even matter.
T-SHIRT WAR!!! Rhett and Link persist in being fantastic.
Copy Editor’s Lament, stolen from Sam, who is very good at finding such things.
The World’s Greatest Spokesperson…in the World. This cracks me up. It’s a follow-up to this, but I think it’s funnier to watch them out of order.

I’ve been reading more properly lately, having gone on several expeditions to scout out new and exciting library branches! I had some hits and some misses in terms of reading material. Nota fan of The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint. Sorry, Chuck, I tried. On the other hand, I quite enjoyed The Princess Bride by William Goldman, which I read for the very first time in spite of seeing the movie ages ago. I certainly wouldn’t call that a kids’ book, though; I ain’t giving that to my ten year old. Not that I have one. I must say the same for Stardust by Neil Gaiman; there is still something, somewhere, in Gaiman that disconcerts me. I think there may be a screw loose somewhere in that man’s head, and a tiny piece of insanity bleeds out onto the pages of each of his books, but it’s such a tiny flavor of crazy that you can’t really taste it.

Anyway, then I read Roverandom by Tolkien, and how in the world have I not read that before or so much as even seen a copy?? I wish desperately I’d read it as a very small child because I would have been madly in love and probably gone out and named a dog after the title immediately. Right now I’m working on Justice Hall by Laurie King, one of the books in the Beekeeper’s Apprentice series. So far, I confess, it’s only good and not great. Impress me, Laurie. You have a reputation in the Sherlock Holmes nouveau world to uphold.

Other than reading, I’ve been having lots of lovely little jaunts with friends, building snowmen and getting in snowball fights and making snow cream and sipping hot chocolate and watching movies and generally having a grand time. I’ve also gotten back into running, which is spiffy.