Sit down. You’re sitting? I HAVE A JOB. The really really awesome job that I hoped I would get. *men cheer, women faint, children wave small multicolored flags* My happiness (and relief) knows no bounds! Well, a few bounds. It’s still work. (And it’s a three-month contract job, but it *could* become permanent after that. I plan on charming them all and being so disgustingly efficient that they’ll wonder how they ever survived without me.) BUT it sounds like interesting work, and it just so happens to pay twice what I was earning in Florida, so I’m pretty keen on starting Monday.

Today I went apartment-hunting with my very wise mother, and I found the most perfect apartment in the world (or certainly in Cary). It’s huge (compared to my Florida place), with a vaulted ceiling and a three-season room and a kitchen far bigger than postage stamp. Actually, I don’t need all that space; I’m going to be rattling around in it a bit. Also, it’s in the middle of a nicely wooded area, with hiking trails and a smashing fitness center and two pools and a gorgeous laundry room. (You laugh, but laundry rooms are important, yo. The dryers didn’t work at all at my place in Florida, which was on occasion problematic, as you might imagine. I festooned my apartment with wet clothes once a week, trés chic.) Anyway, the place is fabulous, I get to move in on Tuesday, and I’m paying $260 per month less than I was for my matchbox studio in Florida, in spite of a slightly raised rate here because I got a three month lease. I CAN BUY ACTUAL FOOD, GUYS. Or I can after my first payday, anyway. It’ll be lovely not to worry quite so much (though I plan on knocking out as much debt as possible with my new-found funds).

Oh, also, this is hilarious and also job-related: whilst filling out the forms for my nifty new domicile, my new workplace called to ask how I felt about going on a business trip to San Diego during my second week of work. The company produces training materials for pharmaceutical companies, and twice a year there’s a big shindig where they update material and stuff, so our company sends quite a few folk, including yours truly. Big stuff! And not as shady as it possibly sounds, I promise.

In other news, the internet happened:
“Bone of Song” by Josh Ritter. Turn up the volume, it is very worth it.
RISE, MY ARMY. This cracks me up so much.
If you’re going to get stuck in the Newark airport, it should be with this guy.