I’m back in the world! If by “the world” you mean “within the borders of North Carolina,” and I don’t necessarily subscribe to that definition myself. But, it is good (if very weird) to be back. Living at home is strange after being on my own, but I had a pretty rockin’ job interview last week, so if that works out I’ll be moving to a Raleigh apartment imminently. We shall see…

In the meantime, I’ve already crammed about a jillion good times into a very tiny space. On Tuesday, after my interview, I visited some friends in Raleigh and managed to lock my keys in my car for the very first (and last, I hope) time. But there’s no better place to be stuck than with friends, so that was actually quite fun. Then on Thursday I was at the same friends’ place for an awesome party, which mainly consisted of playing word games, drinking hot chocolate and wassail, and having a lovely time in general. Then on Saturday I went to the wedding of a good friend. Reunions all around!

A fantastic song called “Daylight.” Matt and Kim, where have you been all my life?
Art by Melissa Haslam.
Read this post by Danielle on changing the world, and then change the world.
This completely blew my mind. Leonard Nimoy played Sherlock Holmes?? It’s like the collision of the two ideal men! SO COOL.
This guy is insane, or possibly my hero.

Oh, so I finally finished Atlas Shrugged a while back and forgot to mention it. I found it very interesting, though EXTREMELY preachy. I think Ayn Rand could have been a great writer of fiction if she would have stepped off of her soapbox occasionally; her characters are intriguing, and she paints their interactions in rather novel ways. Her ideas are unique and merit some thought, but I realized I was kind of going, “Oh yeah, ok,” for some things, and then thinking, “Wait, I actually don’t believe that at all.” She has a habit of beating you into agreeing by sheer volume of words, but if carried to their logical conclusion, her ideas become a bit terrifying. Still, I recommend it, if one is very solid in one’s convictions on such matters.

In other news, I went to the movies! Shock and amazement. My family and I went to see The Blind Side, and it was actually pretty great. I’m not a big sports movie fan, but this movie didn’t limit itself to the sports sphere, and it was nice that the whole family could watch and enjoy it. My mom’s not fond of scifi or fantasy or, in fact, any of the types of movies I enjoy, so normally one of us is displeased during movie nights, but this worked quite well!