Reading Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, at long last. Sarah tells me it’s a winter book (isn’t all Russian literature?), but it’s been sitting on my shelf staring reproachfully at me for a couple years now, so I figured it was high time to get back to Moscow. And I suppose it’s winter somewhere, though not here in Florida.

Squid and Frog, brought to you by the same quirky, morbid woman who did Making Fiends, Muffinfilms, etc.
Don’t get drunk, kids. Particularly near subways. I love how sensible the subway driver seems about everything.
Television series planned by Ray Bradbury. GENIUS.
“And You Give” by Matthew Barber. Not sure how I feel about the song, exactly, but the video is pretty if a bit odd, and I must admire their dedication to cravats.

Going to the beach is quite the adventure.
I carefully counted out my change for parking and collected all of my dimes and bravely set forth with my yellow towel! There was a brief false start as I drove a block and realized I didn’t have my license. To go back or not to go back? Sigh. Better go back. As it turns out, this was probably wise, as I passed four police cars heading back out, one of which swerved in front of me to speed off in pursuit of the bright orange sports car which had also, just previously, swerved in front of me. Go catch ‘im, copper.

Anyway, I made it to the beach parking lot (which was suspiciously empty) without getting in an accident with a cop car and, dimes clutched tightly in fist, headed for the horrid parking meter. Suddenly the man in the car next to mine popped out and said, “Do you want my parking pass? It still has two hours left on it.” I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want it, and he said he was done for the day. I thanked him profusely, put the parking pass on my dashboard, and positively skipped away to the beach. I think he was amused.

When I actually hit the sand, I could see why he was heading home early. The wind was incredible, the waves were shocking, and there were big red flags sternly forbidding all swimming. However, it was also lovely. I love stormy days at the beach, and since very few other people seem to, I mostly had it to myself. I scampered around and frolicked and internally snickered at the few people bundled up sitting in beach chairs. Then I ambled down to where a bunch of people were kite surfing, which is a pretty cool thing. I would very much like to try that someday, though it looks as if there is precious little keeping you from being blown out to sea and just never coming back.

Then, since I saw some other folks who were swimming and didn’t appear to be drowning, I went out just a little way to see what the water was like. It was quite a bit cooler than normal (usually it’s like bathwater, which is kind of gross), and the waves were VERY strong, so it was fun for a little while, but soon I was content to sit on my towel in the wind and watch the seagulls try to fly. I guess the wind and rough water was because of Hurricane Ida, which I didn’t even hear about until I heard from my parents that NC was getting the remnants. “There was a hurricane?…Oops.” I live in my own little world, apparently, but it’s a pretty nice one.