Seen today on a busy corner in Hollywood, Florida: a woman in what looked like a wedding dress, holding the leash of the biggest mastiff I have ever seen. They jogged across the street together through the traffic, and she was smiling and the dog’s tongue was lolling and I think she had tennis shoes on underneath the dress. It was awesome, if slightly less surreal once I remembered that it was Halloween.

Things from the internet!
The throne clones. Vaguely creepy.
An exceedingly lucky and determined tortoise.
Those pesky hay vandals! I was not responsible for this, seeing as how it was in Queensland, but I would totally do this.
Carl Sagan sings! Or, one of the few times that auto-tuning is actually cool.

In two weeks, I’m going to Camelot Days, which is sort of a mini renaissance fair being held at the park only about 2 miles from my apartment. It’s considerably less fun to go to these things alone than with my posse, but I still anticipate having a blast. And I am absolutely dressing up.

Bookwise, Inkheart was, as my friend Rachael so aptly described it, “pleasant.” Sadly, it was not more than that. I won’t bother with the rest of the trilogy. Then I read Mister Monday by Garth Nix, the first in his Keys to the Kingdom series, also for young adults. And that was likewise pleasant. By then I was so sick of pleasant young adult literature that I read Candide by Voltaire, which certainly was neither young adult nor pleasant. I felt terribly academic again and also slightly dirty. Currently I’m starting The Enormous Room by E.E. Cummings, which is the story of his experiences in WWI. I’m not far enough in to have an opinion yet, but it’s quite different from his poetry, that’s a surety.