It has been at least three days since this morning. Today and yesterday were ENDLESS. Except, obviously, that they ended, finally. I am currently sick as a dog with some sort of flu type thing and feeling utterly miserable. My head is also exceedingly muzzy, so this entry may not be entirely lucid.

My brain doesn’t work the same (or at all) when I’m really sick. I left the oven on for about two hours after I was done cooking last night, and I keep getting up to do things and then standing there blinking in the middle of the room because I’ve forgotten what it was. Also, and I always forget this until it’s rather too late, when I’m sick my verbal filters don’t work properly. I end up saying whatever comes into my head, which can be both entertaining and dangerous. I think I talked a lot at work today. I don’t recall specifics, really, but everyone seemed awfully amused. This will probably come back to haunt me on Monday, assuming I’ve attained full consciousness by then, which is by no means a given.

There was a rather magical moment today, though. I bought some groceries (after staring blankly at the interior of my refrigerator yesterday, unable to comprehend why there were no eggs inside) and hauled them inside, then realized that the thump I heard while driving was probably the sound of the jam rolling under the seat, because it was not with the other groceries. So I put the rest away and sighed and trudged back down and out to the car and retrieved the recalcitrant jam from where it was indeed lodged underneath the passenger seat, and as I straightened up from inside the car, there in the sky above me was a lovely rainbow. It was completely unexpected (it hadn’t rained all day) and altogether beautiful.

And now for some things less magical, but still cool.
Moscow mayor promises a winter without snow. Does this sound like the beginning of a disaster movie to anyone else?
Grocery store musical! Brought to you by the ever-quirky Improv Everywhere people.
Awkward Family Photos. Maybe it’s just because I’m sick, but I found these hilarious.
You Can Call Me Al, stolen from a friend.
My friend Anne Elisabeth has a book on! Frightfully exciting! You all should preorder a copy.

I honestly haven’t a clue what else I was going to say. So I shall descend once more to the mucus-filled depths! *waves a Kleenex weakly*