Sadly, the trees at the elementary school were not that great. Also, there are evidently all sorts of very strict rules about trespassing on school property, going by the signs and padlocks. I did find another climbable tree here at my apartment, but it’s nothing special. I think I’ll have to go back to the park with the crazy strangler figs for truly adventuresome climbing. I really would love to sleep in one fantastic tree in particular…then I played that scenario in my head, and in it some couple meandering by late at night heard me in the tree and called the police, and they came and shone flashlights in my face and gave me a ticket for…um…being in the park after hours or something, and impounded my car, and I thought that perhaps it was not worth the risk. Also, the mosquitoes are horrible in that tree.

This will probably end up being long and rambling. So just like usual, then!

Discovery of huge Anglo Saxon gold hoard. This is the biggest archaeological discovery in terms of the Anglo Saxons since the Sutton Hoo dig, people! You should be appropriately amazed. If you’ve never seen Anglo Saxon metal craftsmanship, you really should google it.
Ambassadors of Harmony, 2009 International Barbershop Chorus. Just…watch it. Trust me on this.
Dr. Horrible hijacks the Emmys. Probably everyone’s seen that by now. I rather loved how they instantly pulled most of the youtube clips of that soon after they were posted. The system really is after him…
The Electro-plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 20000, shamelessly stolen from Sam.
Sci-fi Themed Cakes. I would not eat a Jabba the Hutt cake. However, Minas Tirith is incredible.
I’m not Australian, but I still love this.
Stills from Brendan and the Secret of Kells. I like browsing on occasion. It’s everyone’s favorite German (? I don’t even know) movie media website, and they have movies I haven’t heard of. I stumbled on stills from this movie that look absolutely lovely. From what I can tell, it’s a kids movie about The Book of Kells, which is genius, in my opinion. Click here for the trailer. I love illuminated manuscripts, and as a child I would totally have loved a movie with a tiny kid monk running around defeating evil. Actually, I would still totally love that.

I read October Country by Ray Bradbury last week, and it was deliciously creepy. Reading the short story “Skeleton” on the beach in bright sunshine was a somewhat surreal experience, but I read “The Cistern” on a rainy afternoon, which was the perfect setting. The story I loved the most in that book was “The Emissary,” and I highly recommend you read it. Look, it’s on the internet, how convenient. You have no excuse not to.

Then I devoured three young adult books by Susan Cooper, author of the astoundingly good Dark Is Rising sequence. King of Shadows is an exceedingly well-researched Shakespearean tale (those of you who took Dr. Vaughan’s Shakespeare class would love it!) and was the best of the trio. Victory is about the experiences of Sam Robbins aboard Nelson’s flagship, the HMS Victory. I love the British Royal Navy (there, I said it), so I loved this book; others may not find it quite so enthralling. The Boggart was the weakest of the three books, I thought: only mildly entertaining.

Now I’m trying to read Folly by Laurie King. I say trying, because for some reason I find the book deadly dull. I don’t understand! Her Beekeeper’s Apprentice series is absolutely wonderful! Apparently everything else she wrote (a series about a lesbian NY detective and some other equally random stuff, including Folly – which is not about a lesbian detective, just to clarify) is absolute rubbish. Sigh. I’ll soldier on through Folly for a little while longer for form’s sake, but I’m rather disappointed.

And now for a bit of fangirlishness: I am quite madly in love with the BBC’s series Merlin. I don’t know if I’ve professed that yet. Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the first couple episodes of the second season, and then the BBC graciously did a lovely little behind the scenes thingamajig. I have to share this part, because the cast of this show is just as wonderful as the characters they portray: Welcome to Camelot. If you’re a fan of the show, and you’re bored and would like to laugh yourself silly, youtube “merlin video diaries.” They are hilarious! “A minute ago I was standing in the wood, and someone was drying my hair with a hair dryer. Which made me feel pretty masculine.”

Right, well, I’m sure I had something intelligent to say, but it seems to have left me. I should try to wrassle some lunch. How long do eggs keep, would you say? These are only two weeks old, and I had some three-week-old eggs with no ill effects, so I bet these are fine. Eating at Marshbanks for four years has A. made me willing to eat nearly anything and B. apparently forged my stomach into a cast iron tank.