Today I was walking along in the grass next to a road and suddenly a fairly large crab saw me and scuttled away into the brush. I thought maybe I had imagined it, it was so strange. Were you real, crab?

I went to a park near here today, and I saw two very tiny little boys struggling to hoist a likewise very tiny little girl into a tree. It was the most adorable thing ever, and I would’ve taken their picture if it wouldn’t have been creepy.

The park, incidentally, has the most magical trees I’ve ever seen. It turns out they’re strangler figs, which is a terrible name for a beautiful tree. If you scroll down in that article a bit, you’ll see a pretty accurate representation of what they look like. The ones in the park look exactly like the sort of tree you’d find Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in. There’s a heartbreaking “No Climbing Trees” sign on the best tree, which I ignored today and had a glorious time.

It’s been a quiet week, though I did succeed at last in getting a Florida driver’s license. This required leaving the apartment at the crack of dawn to brave the insane Fort Lauderdale traffic. Careening at 70mph on I-95 (horror of horrors) at 7:30 in the morning in the pouring rain is not the most relaxing way to begin the day. I found the dmv, waited in line, then all of their computers crashed, so I waited while they reset them, forked over large amounts of cash, waited some more, then their printer died while printing my license, but I finally got it. My NC driver’s license wasn’t terribly insulting. My Florida one is atrocious, probably because I was smiling and then the lady said, “Oh, it’ll take a minute yet,” and then the flash went off early, so I have the droopy remains of a smile and a dazed expression. However, by then I was so glad to be done with all Department of Transportation business that I left in a happy haze and was only 10 minutes late for work because of more traffic on the return trip.

I’m still very new to the ways of Florida. Today I went to the beach and was thrilled to discover it was mostly empty. So I splashed around happily in the water and realized, hmm, this current is pretty strong, and the water is a lot higher than usual. Then I looked around and realized no one else was in the water. Suspicious, that. THEN I saw the giant red flags hung everywhere saying to stay out of the water because of deadly riptide. Oops. I just hunted for seashells after that. Be careful of the riptide, kids!