I have been having more fascinating dreams. I dreamed that my dad dropped me and several of my friends off at a swamp, told us to be careful, and drove on. We resolutely waded into the swamp in search of something beautiful. I’m not being vague, that was our mission: to find something beautiful. We knew it would be hard and would take a while (the swamp was an ugly muddy smell mess), but we slogged along serenely, laughing about things and talking and keeping an eye and an ear out for the something beautiful because we knew we would find it eventually. And that was the dream.

Another night I dreamed that a bunch of my CU crew were all watching people we didn’t know give Honors presentations, and afterwards we had to say goodbye to each other all over again, just like it was when we left a few months ago. Except we microwaved chocolate chip cookies first (this was important) and ate them all before we hugged and said our sad farewells.

Living alone makes everything an event. “Oo! This is the first time I’ve vacuumed my own apartment!” “Oo! This is the first time I’ve bought silverware!”, etc. To an extent I’m moving past that (having vacuumed a couple times, it’s not really that great anymore, and the silverware was a one-time deal unless I start pitching forks out the window at lizards), but one thing that never ceases to be odd for me is cooking. I’m not crazy about cooking, but I’m a pretty good cook, when I’m paying attention. The problem often is that I’m reading while cooking. (Example: cooking pasta tonight. It’s totally still edible! And the book was great.)

In the case of chicken and dumplings earlier this week, books were not to blame.

My mother had very kindly left me a small carton of chicken broth when I moved. I think there’s some kind of mothering instinct that kicks in when it comes giving your children chicken broth. I also had some frozen chicken. I considered my game plan, I examined my frugal budget, and I bought some flour (I told you this was an Event.). So then I thought, what’s the point of having to cook dinner every night? I’ll just make a big batch and eat leftovers! I cooked the frozen chicken (which itself is quite the production, because my oven is tiiiiiny and it’s hard to find cookware that fits in it). Then I eyed my tiny carton of chicken broth. Chicken broth is basically just water, right? So I put the chicken broth in the pot, and I put in about twice as much water to make it go farther. I really, really love my mom’s recipe for dumplings, so I thought to myself, why not double it? An excellent idea, surely. I kind of mixed up a couple steps here while making the dumplings, but it was all going to the same place (in the pot) so I figured that couldn’t matter too much. Then I thought, wow, this soup is going to be pretty bland. But I didn’t have anything else to put in, unless you counted applesauce (and I wasn’t). But wait! I had a tiny heel of an onion left in the fridge from…hmm…a week or so ago. How long is onion good for? I was sure it was fine. So I chopped that up and threw it in with some salt and pepper and put everything together. The dumplings swelled up and took on some water/broth, and I realized, good heavens, that is a shocking amount of dumplings. Like, I couldn’t see the chicken. Or the broth, really. And that onion was kind of fading to rather transparent, but surely that was fine too. I took my massive pot of mostly-dumplings off the stove and tried a bowl. And it was edible! Of course, I was eating dumplings with chicken soup for the next four days, but it was MY chicken and dumplings, darn it.

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