On a Narnia kick lately…it gives me the best dreams. Though last night I dreamed I was an octopus with extraordinarily long eyelashes, so that clearly had nothing to do with anything that I can tell. I was going to marry the king of the sea, too, but he wanted to redraw my face first, so that relationship probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Good thing I woke up!

Check out the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are! I was never enthralled with the book as a child, for some reason, but I must admit the trailer is exquisite. Also, it features one of my favorite songs by Arcade Fire, “Wake Up,” so you should have a listen.
Mankind is no island.
You never know what’s going to come through that cat door.
Inmates babysit toddler found on roadway.

Aside from school things, I really haven’t done much reading lately, which is why I haven’t mentioned many books. As soon as school is over, I am doing some serious reading, starting with War and Peace! I am so very ready for all of this work to be done, but at the same time I don’t want it to end because then college will end, and I do not know if I’m ready for that. Still no word on a “real” job, so I accepted my old position at the country club, if nothing else comes along. I am desperately hoping for something else, however! The resumes continue to pour out of this house. 😛