The second semester of my senior year is defined by the ever-present sense that I am forgetting something of terrifying importance. Unsettling!

Some internet gems:
Ode: For Intelligent Optimists. About time someone made this.
Kiiking, however that is pronounced, is the new extreme sport in Finland these days, and it is absolutely unbelievable. I used to believe when I was very small that if you could go all the way around the bar of the swing, you would be instantly transported into another world. …I’m still not certain that the idea is untrue.
Earth Hour is tomorrow night, 8:30-9:30. PARTICIPATE.
Broadway meets Matrix. Fully as ridiculous as it sounds, but in a different way than anticipated.
The Ice Cream Man.
Cantina Band from Star Wars…on a harp.
Things to do with chainmail and a tesla coil.
Extreme Sheep LED Art.
World War 2 explained by the girl who did that whole “Kittens inspired by Kittens” thing that swept the ‘net.
New Soul by Yael Naim, courtesy of Dani.
Fantastic Zune commercial.
Music is life. Another great one from Zune.

I’ve been saving those for a while, as you can see. The more I have to do, the more time I seem to spend on Youtube. *shakes head* Things are actually going pretty well, I can’t complain.

Hmm, I know I had real things to say, but they’re gone now. Goodnight!