Oh, I had such a good spring break! I think this is the first break ever where I got everything done on my to-do list (or I will by the end of it, anyway).

Saturday I relaxed a bit, helped my parents with some proofreading, and sent out 7 more resumes, among other things. Sunday I polished off the next draft of my thesis (60 pages now, not counting my truly monstrous works cited pages), which took, as always, longer than anticipated.

Monday I went to Fayetteville with Mom for an eye exam (last time on Dad’s insurance!), but fortunately my eyes hadn’t changed enough to need new glasses (huzzah for saving money). Then we did a bit of shopping, which was actually not as boring as usual because I got the SWEETEST pair of hiking boots known to man, which is a very good thing because the hole in my current ones is getting kind o’ ridiculous. I’ve been searching and searching for ages for good boots, with no luck (I’m very picky about my boots, thank you very much), so I’m very glad I found these. They’re dark brown Timberlands, waterproof, with fantastic tread. I think we’re going to be very happy together. 🙂 I also bought a dress for formal, which was cool, but not as cool as the boots.

Tuesday I did all of the research for my last English paper in my last English class, Victorian Lit. Wednesday I wrote the paper – 15 pages in 4 hours. I’m kind of bummed I’m done with papers, because I think I’ve got the hang of it. At the same time, I am ridiculously glad to be done. Thursday I did all of the research for my German 410 paper, cleaned the roof of debris, and did other little chores. Then today I wrote the German 410 paper in one go and got terribly carried away, as I stopped at 12 pages and it only had to be 8-10. I have been in the paper writing zone lately! Then Ed and I tackled Nick’s Creek trail, which links to a bunch of other trails around here. It would’ve been an 11-mile trip, but we got a very late start, so we shortened it to 7 miles, which was fine. It was kind of a dull trail, not much worth exploring, but I’m glad I at least know now.

Somewhere in there I went running and did some archery. There’s one of those cool speed-checker thingummys down the road, so I was playing with that one night. Turns out it’ll measure your speed running pretty well! I could get it up to 13mph, but I’m hoping to try it some night when I haven’t already run and see if I can get it up to 14. I’m sure the neighbors are irritated by my running back and forth in front of their houses…

I also saw the movie Australia the other day, and it was quite good! Had a couple weird or over the top parts, but it was visually exquisite and it was really cool seeing and hearing Aussie things again. I will go back to that country before I die…

I was rewatching some recut trailers the other day; I give you Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, recut as horror movies.
I didn’t think this was real at first, I admit.
The city of Sybaris has been found! I love the story of the dancing horses; that should be some kind of creepy bedtime story.
What do you do when your country has been flooded with nuclear radiation? Turn it into a nature preserve, of course.