Wow. I just confused the cthulhu and Culhwch. Talk about slipping. That was terrifying.

Other than apparently losing my memory, things are going pretty well. I should be freaking out about papers and the like about now, but instead I find myself with a hazy sense of vague well-being! Of course, that could just be the sleep deprivation talking.

The English language is dum.
Glowing cities under a nighttime sky. Nighttime is always one of those words I do double-takes on and am never quite sure is real.
Atlantis discovered on Google Earth! Maybe. I can dream.
What news anchors do during commercial breaks. Absolutely awesome.
Lille by Lisa Hannigan, quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

I must share with you some school moments. I’m taking German 410, Love and Death, which is literature translated (mostly) from German about (you guessed it!) love and death. It’s a fascinating class, taught by the philosophy professor, who operates about 17 intellectual levels above most human beings and is thus rather too cerebral for complete comprehension at times. However, he is one of my favorite professors of all time, and I reproduce for you the following:
Dr. T, after a long, harrowing discussion on death: “Do you know what I always carry in my bag?” *reaches into the bag ominously*
Mike, one of my fellow English majors and partners in crime: “An AK 47?” The class watches in horror as Dr. T draws forth…
Dr. T: “Better than an AK 47 – The Complete Works of Plato!”

Dr. S, my favorite history professor, was discussing the military advantages in the Civil War. “If I had a grenade,” she said, eying us speculatively in class, “I could take out at least five or six of you guys…*long, long pause*…I would never do that.”

Well, I’m off to find some apples or cheerios or chocolate milk or something else wholesome.