Hijinks! We had the most blissfully perfect snow day in NC history a couple weeks ago. I cannot begin to describe my happiness!

The Big House, a short film by my friends.
Oh the Fun You’ll Have: Printing! by the same aforementioned friends.
The year 2008 in pictures.
Cross Your Fingers by Laura Marling.

I was cutting across the grass back to the dorm after eating a rather mediocre dinner at Marshbanks, and a herd of large, noisy guys were off to my left, roughhousing and cussing goodnaturedly. Then one yelled, seemingly at random, “I LOVE YOU!” Athletes, I thought to myself, without turning. “I LOVE YOU! I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU!” I sighed. “YOU, WALKING ACROSS THE GRASS! I LOVE YOU!” Oh. Wait. That’s me. That’s me? I kept walking, and the boisterous fellows went their way, thus dooming what may have been (but which almost certainly would not have been) a beautiful relationship. Hilarious, and so very confusing.

Rosemary olive oil bread with sun-roasted red pepper hummus is just about the best thing in this world, I believe.

I have been having recurring dreams about pteradactyls. What in the world? I should go to sleep and see if I can figure it out.