The rough draft of my thesis is done!!! 50 pages of incredibly disorganized rough draft, but it’s done. I am so very happy. That was an exceedingly daunting project, and writing ten pages a day on it for five days was exhausting. I’m not even going to think about editing it for at least a week. It’s really an odd feeling, I feel as if I should be writing my brains out now, but I’m out of things to say, finally!

I also have sent out 18 resumes to date, so I’m happy with where that project is now as well. I’m not going to do any more with it over the break. I already received one polite “thanks but no thanks” rejection letter, but I refuse to worry about that yet since it’s so early.

I’m also wrapping up all kinds of other projects and am now hopeful I may actually make it through my break to-do list for the first time in 4 years! Shocking. Granted, I still have 1300 pages to read by a week from next Monday (thanks a lot, Dr. Vaughan), but I think that’s doable. Middlemarch and Bleak House, here I come!

Oh, it feels so good to be intensely productive! I love accomplishing things. I’m even finding time to do the odd fun activity as well (and I do find all of these projects enjoyable in their way as well), including watching old scifi, compiling my own Sindarin Elvish dictionary (yeah, I know, that’s pretty horrifically geeky), going running, and getting in lots of archery and even some fun reading. And I still have a whole week of break left! ‘Tis glorious, I tell you.

I found this group called Frightened Rabbit, and I really really love their sound, but I’m having all sorts of moral quandaries over the lyrics. I hate it when that happens. I was in a euphoric new music phase and didn’t even notice at first, and now on second listening it’s considerably more awkward. This is how I get myself in trouble. Telling people “Oh yeah, they’re awesome, you should check them out!” and then finding myself responsible for traumatizing pets and small children or something. Like the girl in the poem, when Frightened Rabbit is good, it’s very very good, and when it’s bad it’s horrid. But I just love how they say their words…they’re a Scottish band and the vowels are fantastic.

Ok, well I’m off before my disgusting amounts of cheer ooze through this livejournal entry and spill all over your keyboard. So hard to get that repulsive, sickly-sweet joy out from between the keys…