We are moved in! I have a home again! I have my own room! And my own bed! We still don’t have any appliances or half of our belongings, but beggars can’t be choosers. We’re finishing up more of the house before we can return to normal (which will probably be just about the time that I go back to school).

I posted all of my ramblings that I wrote during my exile from the world. Most of the construction stuff won’t be terribly interesting, but I wanted a bit of a record of what we’re doing. Feel free to skip.

Links! I’ll bet you missed me, bringing you the treasures of the internet. Nope, don’t try to deny it. I know the truth.

From the Happy News community here on lj.
Well, we’re doing one thing right.
I will visit this place, or one like it, one day.
This guy is my hero. He’s like a real-life action movie hero.
She & Him.
So bizarre and so very, very sad.
Most people have seen Andy McKee already, but if you haven’t, you need to remedy that.
Best lottery commercial you’ll EVER see.

So a while back when the car died, I was sitting in the car dealer’s office waiting to buy a new one, and I was reading a really good book so I wasn’t paying any attention to anything. Suddenly, I hear some very familiar phrases, my head snaps up, and I am watching a PS3 commercial with rapt attention. I adore Henry V. It’s my favorite Shakespeare play, and yes I’m well aware it’s considered literarily inferior, but dangit, I LIKE it. So then I was nostalgically reminiscing about my favorite speech, from which the commercial drew, and lo and behold, I found it on Youtube. The Kenneth Branagh version of this play is GREAT; though it’d be hard to follow if you hadn’t read the play already. Watch for a VERY young Christian Bale in one of his first acting jobs around 1:44.