It took me four long, tedious days working on and off to scrape off that horrid wallpaper off of just one wall in Mom and Dad’s room. Fortunately they only put it on one wall, or I’d have run away from home by now. Besides that, we cleaned up outside a bit pulling out dead bushes and clearing brush away from the house, got rid of the nasty furniture (we’re keeping a few items for ourselves and giving anything else salvageable to the Habitat for Humanity store), ripped out the last of the paneling in the garage, living room, kitchen, and laundry room, washed down all the walls, sanded molding, painted the closets, took out a couple small walls in the kitchen, took out several cabinets and the stove and oven in the kitchen, and did a bunch of other junk I can’t immediately recall. I must say it will look very nice when it’s done, if it ever does get done. I start working fulltime next Monday, so I’ll only be working on it in the evenings now, but I think that’ll be ok. Mom’s work ends around the time mine starts, and she’s the one who’s good with painting, which is what we need now. Most of the demolition work (which they needed me for) is done, aside from pulling out carpeting. I will be helping to hang drywall and lay a stepping stone walkway in the coming week or two, however, so I’ll certainly be busy. Checking tomorrow to see if we have internet…keep your fingers crossed. I’ll backdate all of these entries if I ever get a chance to post them and return to civilization.

Went to the library today and got all kinds of wonderful books! It was grand to be back, I don’t think I’ve been there much at all since last summer. The employees still remember me, though: “She doesn’t leave us many books after she comes, that one.” Oh, I hadn’t realized how desperately I missed books. I had read all of the ones I had left unpacked and we’ve been so busy that I didn’t really think it mattered. I see now I always need to be reading or an important piece of life is missing that I don’t even realize is gone for quite a while. We went to Lowes (again) to order a bunch of stuff and I just plunked myself down in some lawn furniture and was asleep to the world for an hour. I realized afterwards I had been so deep in the book I didn’t remember anyone who had walked by or anything at all about my surroundings. Books truly are an addiction, but I’m happy to be reacquainted with them.