Very glad for the Sabbath, this week in particular! We need a rest. Thursday, after many complicated gymnastics involving cars so that everyone could get where they needed to go, we officially bought the house. That evening we began work: tearing down all of the curtains, changing the locks, cleaning out the carport, and bringing loads from the neighbor’s. I must tell you a hilarious and disgusting story:
The people who lived in the house before us left some furnishings (it’s a long story – the house was an inheritance, they rented it out, then it was left empty for a while, among other things), most of which are thoroughly disgusting, so I was going through throwing out the cushions from the furniture since they stink. There were, for some reason, two large stuffed fish (not taxonomically stuffed, more like plush toy stuffed) on one of the couches. They were hideous, not to mention smelly, so I was going to put them in a trash bag with the curtains and cushions. It smelled even worse in that area than usual, but I, all unsuspecting, lifted up the giant stuffed carp that was lying on the couch, and lo and behold, there lay a dead chipmunk. It was gross. It was very, very gross. I named the unfortunate chipmunk Dorian and buried him in the dumpster with proper honors. I can think of very few worse fates in this world, dying of starvation in an empty, dirty, smelly house. No matter how awful your life is right now, just think of this: at least you’re not a dead chipmunk named Dorian wedged under a giant stuffed carp. Just think about it. The whole encounter had a rather sobering effect, causing one to ruminate on one’s own mortality, and also if one really wants to sleep in a house in which a chipmunk has expired. Alas, poor Dorian. We barely knew you. We’ve named the couch Dorian’s Couch and it will be departing as soon as possible because it has a certain eau de decayed chipmunk clinging to it.

Friday was crazy busy, and in spite of Dad twisting an ankle and Mom cracking a tooth (unrelated events, I assure you), we managed to get a lot done (also, don’t worry, Dad’s ankle is better and Mom’s tooth is fixable). We painted the ceiling of the Carolina room and the garage, ripped down/unscrewed the remaining wall hangings (they left a lot of truly hideous furnishings), got the last of our stuff from the neighbor’s, cleaned the closets preparatory to painting them, cleaned up some pinecones and brush outside, fixed up some of the window screens, cleaned the bathroom enough to be usable (priorities, you know), and I’m really not even sure what all else. It’s all very productive but also very exhausting. We’re trying to get the Carolina room and garage in working order first so that we’ll have two livable rooms to store things in and set things up a bit. Internet, phones, and warp drive will be installed next Tuesday (cool points if you know what Star Trek movie that’s from), among other things, so this hermit existence will shortly be less hermitly, I hope. The only living souls I’ve talked to lately have been Lowes personnel, for the most part.