Finally, a breathing space. I can’t remember when I’ve worked so hard as in the last two days. On Sunday we finished packing everything. We filled the last of our three pods (Personal On Demand Storage!) I have picked up and carried every possession we have, and in my opinion we have way too much stuff. We worked from 9 in the morning until 10 something at night, hauling things to the new apartment that we would need (the stuff in the pods will be in storage for up to 2 months so we can’t use it). We made several trips to the new apartment, which takes awhile because it’s half an hour one way between the two places. Our apartment is in the middle of nowhere (which I suppose is why it’s cheap), and is slathered with a thick coat of cheap golf décor. It’s actually pretty nice, if a little old, and the surroundings are pretty. Not that we’re going to have a whole lot of time to enjoy them. Yesterday we hauled lumber and outdoor things and house plants (ugh) to the woods behind our neighbor’s house, where we will leave them until Thursday night when we can start moving things to the new house. The people to buy the house suddenly demanded a walk through a day early, forcing us to move quicker than was humanly possible, so that was kind of annoying since they were breathing down our necks, and we ran out of room in the car for the last of the stuff for the condo. We had to make yet another trip, in which we also picked up Beowulf. He is exceedingly unhappy right now. We had to leave him at the new house (no where else to put him) with food and all of his little accoutrements. He freaked out for a while and then decided he might as well eat before he dies of stress, so I think he’ll be ok. We’re going to check on him there twice a day. Today our house officially no longer belongs to us. It was sad leaving it for the last time, especially since we were so hurried. The new people aren’t going to take care of it, I can tell. It’s hard to see something you put SO much work into ruined. We have a couple days’ respite here until we start tearing apart the new house. Thursday we sign the papers, so after that we’ll make a couple loads of stuff from behind the neighbor’s. Then Friday is demolition day: out comes a couple walls, the carpet, the gutters, and I’m not even sure what all else. We’re going to hire a giant dumpster to come and live on our driveway for a while. Perhaps I shall name him.