Another school year come to an end. I was even more torn about that than usual this year. I love school so much, but I like a rest from the academics; I love being at Campbell, but it’s great to be home too. And of course it’s always kind of awful leaving everyone. However, now that I’m home, I’m enjoying it very much, in spite of the chaos. We’re moving into a very teensy tiny apartment on the 21st, where we will be staying for a couple months while we fix up the new house, which we officially get on the 29th. Yet again, we buy a fixer-upper! We’re not very fast learners, apparently. I’m mostly packed (I wanted to get it done early since we have so much other stuff going on), and my room looks so small and sad with even just half of my books packed up and everything taken off the walls. There is nothing so forlorn in this world as an empty bookshelf.

I am typing this from my brand new, ever-so-lovely laptop! Mini Jim did indeed give up the ghost, and my relationship with his replacement is progressing nicely. He is as yet unnamed, but that will shortly be remedied. He’s wonderfully swift and talented, so I think we’ll get on swell.

I am reading a book called Legendary Warriors (the same one I fought the battle over with some mysterious person who kept putting it on hold…I’ll find you one day), and it’s quite interesting from both a mythological and historical perspective, even if it is rife with typos. If I were their editor…*shakes fist* But yes, ask me a question about 5th century Scandinavian armor, I dare you. In other books news, I really haven’t read much of anything else that is non-school-related. I’m still coming off of the post-exam week reading blahs, so I’m just wrapping up a couple books. But I foresee a trip to the library in my near future.

Rediscovering one’s love for bands is quite nice. I am currently re-experiencing Bright Eyes, which would be a good band if only for its name, all lyrics aside.

I love I just spent an unbelievable amount of time looking at photos from the Crimean War!

Reassures me that Gattaca will not come to least not anytime soon.
Weird things live in Russia.
More college kids should do this sort of thing in their spare time instead of making Drano bombs.
Scientists have proven shoes are evil. I feel vindicated.
21 accents in 2.5 minutes, shamelessly stolen from a friend and reposted so that all may see and marvel.
Kind of disgustingly cute, but I like the French kids singing.
Psst, there’s a second Prince Caspian trailer out.
Somewhat encouraging!
Misread by Kings of Convenience – one of the saddest, mellowest songs and videos you’ll ever see.
The legend of Drake’s drum – England is beating us, I’m telling you. I think the problem is that America is too young to have hundreds-of-years-old legends of returning heroes. I’m fascinated by the king in the mountain motif in mythology, and I wish we had more of that kind of thing around.

Off to sleep…