Greetings from the university of Campbell! Dorm life agrees with me quite well, I must say.

Tess of the D’urbervilles turned out to be rather sad but not in a well-done way. Glad I read it once but I certainly won’t bother again. I am not making a brave foray into Ulysses by James Joyce. Apparently up until a few years ago, that book held the record for the longest sentence in English, although I’m not certain of its grammatical correctness. With any luck, I won’t die reading it!

I want to go to school in a cave… except maybe not.
The Hunger Site. It kills me that all the ads cater to affluent, consumeristic Americans, though.
My brother loves his Mac.
The newly-released poster for The Happening, M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming movie.

Some of my photography adventures from the break:
Bullseye – I know, it’s a dumb picture, but I can’t help but want to immortalize those when they finally happen.
Faith is imprisoned.
Faith and fountain.
Matthew is eaten by a tree!
Sad daisy, concerned tomato.
Sly carrot…
Angry vegetables and flowers.
The road where I go running at sunset.
Sunlit grass.
More of the same.
Sunsets are lovely. They even manage to make wire fences look nice.

Hmm, dinner…