Apples are so awesome, and you know what else is awesome? The music group Mew. I knew this, but now I really KNOW it.

You all should check out the trailer for August Rush. I suspect it may be great.

Treasures from the internet:
Imogen Heap mixing her own song live. Very cool!
Ed found it, I take no responsiblity.
The rabbits disapprove of you.
Apparently Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly,has a new show in the works.
Interesting… Looks kind of like a very active sloth to me.
Yet another one of those things I wish I’d thought of first.
Sweet, albeit creepy.
There are several things hilarious aboutthis video, not least of which is the fact that the cat is having an amazing time on a horse’s back, but what really gets me is the music.

If you look at nothing else on this blog, look at this. “You okay? You look all depressed.” You have to read the side description too, it makes it all worthwhile, whether it’s true or not.

You know how Livejournal puts ads on the side that more or less relate to the topic of the journal? Mine currently say “Norse ringtones,” “Cruise Homer’s Greece,” and “Elvish Jewelry.” I find that unutterably hilarious. Did you know that both unutterably and inutterably are equally correct? Now you do…

In spite of (because of?) having research papers coming out of my ears, life is quite delightful. Last weekend was basically bliss in tea and Teacup form. Good times and even better friends. Also, I’m fast approaching the hectic-yet-euphoric part of the semester when your brain is just about to explode, but right before it does it cranks out all kinds of brilliance. Of course, one still has to clean up the mess when it inevitably explodes, but sacrifices are to be expected.