Today in the car I noted several things of interest:

1. Goat tails are hilarious. There was a herd of pygmy goats industriously cropping grass and stamping their hooves delicately, and all of their tails were sticking straight up and were blowing ever-so-slightly in the breeze.

2. THERE IS NO FALL. Maybe there never will be ever again. None of the trees are changing colors, their leaves are just falling. What if from now on we just have three seasons? What if we decided to skip winter too? Would I be able to survive that? Probably not.

3. There was ONE leaf that had changed, and it was twirling above the road, but not falling. It was goldly spinning and jumping, but it never fell. Now, you may say what you like about it being caught in a spider web or some such inanity, but I know the truth. *shifty eyes* The trees have discovered anti-gravity.

Frisbee and graveyards and rope-swinging and late-night trips to Wendy’s are quite delightful! A’s on midterms are also delightful! Rain is also delightful! More of all of the above would not go amiss.

I mispronounced the word “slough” the other day. I think I’m slipping.

I finished The Children of Hurin by Tolkien! It is magnificent, of course: as if it could be anything else. It takes the outlined story that’s in The Silmarillion and expands it into book length all on its own. According to the Appendix, Tolkien had all these plans for these epic poems and expansions of the short tales in the Silmarillion and started half of them but never finished them. While frustrating, this is immensely encouraging. If Tolkien took forever to get stuff done, didn’t finish half of it, and still managed to write as much and as beautifully as he did, there is hope for yours truly!

Here, have some Rhett & Link.
Reasonably accurate.
Great moves, horrible taste in music.
I think I may be late on the internet bandwagon, but this song pretty interesting anyway.

Oh, I would like to recommend very highly the new show entitled Pushing Daisies on…um…some channel. Pay no heed to the commercials which are apparently very dumb, this show is brilliant! Go, watch it. It’s on the internet, you have no excuse.

This entry seems to consist almost entirely of gushing on one topic or another, I do apologize for my over-abundance of exuberance!