So, it’s been awhile!

Kate Bush is not as cool-sounding as I thought she was. Feeling slightly gipped.

Things are tremendously, brain-shatteringly busy, but very very good. The Feast of Tabernacles was purely wonderful! Midterms are now over (hallelujah), and now the season of paper writing begins. Or rather, should’ve already begun, but that’s ok.

Some exciting news!
Can’t wait for Prince Caspian.
This kid on Youtube has some quite excellent music.
Proof that everything has an opposite? The evil mirror universe of

I am really striking out this evening with music! K.D. Lang isn’t as cool as I thought she was either.

Did I actually have anything to write about? Hmm. I do believe this is the most lackadaisical entry I’ve ever written. I promise to be scintillatingly fascinating next time! In moderation.