Afro Celt Sound System (also known simply as the Afro Celts) is one of my new favorite musical adventures. Everyone should check them out!

I have a job, a nice little well-paying, thoroughly air-conditioned job. I like it muchly, and it’s my first real office job, 8 to 4:30, 5 days a week. It makes me feel slightly accomplished and marginally professional!

However, all this work is a wee bit limiting in the area of time. So many things I must do, so few hours in a day… I have a beautiful summer to-do list, and it’s depressing how little I have gotten/am likely to get done on it. However…

I have been reading! Finished up the last two Dune books (still good, but not so good as the rest, and with many more objectionable, skim-worthy parts. For shame, Dune.) and some poetry, then read Princess Academy by Shannon Hale (shut up, a friend recommended it, and it was quite enjoyable) and then Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. I think Siddhartha might be good if one did not have any sort of belief system. However, if you *have* a belief system, any belief system, then…don’t bother. I wasn’t horribly impressed. I’m also reading The Prince of Annun by Evangeline somebody, which is the novelized first branch of the Mabinogion (Welsh mythology, and I’ll just pretend that you didn’t ask). It’s pretty mediocre so far, but we shall see! I’m also reading The Neverending Story by Michael Ende (yes, finally!), and I at least love the guy’s last name. Too soon to tell about the book.

The other night, it was an almost-full moon, and I had my window open to sleep. I kept hearing faint music, and I’d go to the window, and not see anything. It was very eerie and lovely…I fear it was just the neighbors having a party, but I can PRETEND it was the fairies calling me out, can’t I?

And now, I bring thee the best of the innernets!
In the spirit of cats and turtles. I love the expression of absolute refusal to acknowledge the turtle’s existence that is on this cat’s face. Unrequited love is so sad.
I realize I should have some sort of healthy intellectual disdain for this site…but somehow I just can’t, and instead I’m completely addicted.
Now working in an office, I appreciate this vastly more than I would have previously.
Faith was telling me about this. As a result, I went hunting for other tree-houses of this nature.
Some neat pics of same.
And THEN I found out more about pleaching, which is the art of weaving branches to make trees grow in certain shapes.
And it just went from there. I cannot imagine a cooler house than one made out of a tree; I would love that so very much.
10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World
And these were just cool, I don’t know who the person is though. Hope he doesn’t mind me posting his blog all over creation.
This has nothing to do with trees: Remember Hogzilla? You’ve probably all seen this, but they topped the record. That is one big pig.
Faith was telling me about Aeolian wind harps. Listen! Isn’t that amazing? They’re not the tradtional window-set style, but I may like these even better.