I suspect this is only exciting to me, but you get to hear it anyway. I made money off of my writing for the first time! I won third place for one of Campbell’s honor society’s essay contests and received the exorbitant sum of $25 in recompense. Also, I am officially published! One of my poems got in the Lyricist, Campbell’s annual literary magazine thingy. So that was cool, except they published the poem I submitted purely as filler and left out the awesome short story that was miles better. Ah well.

I found this very cool cryptozology community, and I have run across all sorts of bizarre and interesting things as a result, such as the vampire birds of the Galapagos Islands!
Also, a white giraffe.
There’s something weird in Russia.
I always suspected there were giant birds among us.
Selkies. I have always found them utterly fascinating.

There is a reason dressage creeps me out.
My friends have a band, and they made a music video! Shock full of inside jokes, but still funny.
My friends don’t have a band, but they made a music video anyway.
No doubt he has very important business downtown.
Apparently everyone’s already seen this, but it bears repeating.
The Great Siberian Explosion.
Shaun the Sheep!
Now you know.

Finals are upon me…I’ll see you on the other side.