Yesterday was absolutely amazing! Let me tell you about it.

It was a quiet day, we had church and went for a walk, the usual stuff. I wanted to finish reading a book, so I went in my room and was kind of dozing and reading and being lazy for quite a while. Mom knocked on my door and said that dinner was ready, so I wandered out, and she asked me to go get her apron out of the rec room because she forgot it there. Still a little sleepy, I moseyed through the computer room and didn’t immediately see the apron. However, I did see several people, namely Sarah, Luke, Paula, Donald, and Kiki, all from CU. They were calmly sitting there, and I was convinced I must have fallen asleep reading and this was a dream. They didn’t yell “surprise!” or anything; they were acting like this was completely normal, grinning like cheshire cats. I said something like, “But this really isn’t possible!” and Paula handed me a small balloon, all of which was surreal enough that I thought maybe I was still dreaming. Sarah offered to punch me, though, so I figured it was probably real by then. Apparently Mom and Sarah had been planning this for a couple weeks, and had finagled the whole thing brilliantly. Faith and Matt came after a little while too, after I had gotten over most of my dumb-foundedness. Mom had enough food for an army squirreled away in various places (so I wouldn’t see), even food that Faith could eat, and we all had a wonderful dinner and ran outside and did archery and flipped fences and ran down to the beaver pond and looked at the stars and had an absolutely glorious time. We came back and had dessert and talked and played Mafia and Gracie got hugs from everyone, I think. It was all really too beautiful for words, and I’ve never ever been more surprised about anything. I knew I had good friends, but I didn’t realize they liked me that much (well, I knew Faith did) to drive all the way out here and everything, it was so sweet! Mom said that everything fell into place perfectly because I made it so easy to hide everything. I thought I was getting a cold so I was sleeping and being rather oblivious to my surroundings, apparently. Such a grand day!

Oh, and Sarah wrote a poem just for me! It’s beautiful, so I shall post it.

I wish to be a tree
For if I were
A child could climb in my branches
Getting lost in my world of winds
Worries sleeping in the music of my sway

I wish to be a tree
I would be noble
Head thrust back,
Forever drinking in the sky
On moon-sung nights, the wind
Would dance with me, sending all of me
My branches in wild throw.

I long to be a tree, mossy and green
Shaking my wild hair branches.

In winter, I bare my beauty to the world.
Some see me dead,
But I am slender and fair
Like a woman showing her white shoulders,
I am a bride of the sky.
She whitens my gown with snow.

I am tremendously honored and completely ecstatic!

Bookwise, not too much new, mainly reading absurd amounts of school work. However, I did finish Zanoni today. It was…eh. Moderately so-so. I’m hoping to finish up Idylls of the King (I left off on it about 20 books ago, and it’s calling my name) and start The Bell Jar sometime this week. Oh, I went through and looked at how many books I read in 2006 (yes, I list the books I read…), and it was 80 all told. 12 were over winter break, 28 over summer break, and the rest throughout the schoolyear. That’s frankly pretty shameful considering the volume of books I used to read, pre-college, but it’s pretty good considering the volume of other work I have, so I’m mixedly content.

I’ve finally had some interesting dreams lately! In one, it was a very solemn dream, and all of a sudden there was all this cat screeching in the middle of it, and my dream self was very puzzled, then my real self woke up and there were some cats fighting outside my window, so that explained it. In another dream, the whole CU crowd and I desperately need high explosives for some very good reason, so we went to Ashley (the suitemate who keeps locking us out of the bathroom), because apparently she had access to high-yield explosives. She got them to us, and we were concocting A Grand Scheme to blow up whatever it was, only I woke up before it actually exploded, so that was sad.

I almost wish I had thought of this, but then, I don’t live in Russia.
Speaking of Russia… I absolutely love the hedgehog’s voice. Juniper twigs.
This may be the best thing I have ever found on the internet. Although, as Ed says, one day that man just won’t get his head back.
Goes against all the laws of the known universe. *mumbles* I may have been on again, ok? So sue me.

I loved Hawkeye in the James Fenimore Cooper books and thought briefly about naming one of the horses that, but I dunno about naming a female cat Hawkeye…

Ok, I’m done!