Guess where I am right now. No, go ahead, guess. That’s right! I’m in the library at Campbell. Actually, I’m doing work study, but no one is here to tutor! So I’m slacking off, although I already tutored four people this evening. Also, my cold is better! Still not quite over it yet, though.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I had to read ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King for Honors class. It was funny whenever anyone saw me reading it, I’d hastily say, “It’s for a class!” Stephen King is not quite my usual fare when it comes to books. However, I was surprised; I did not hate the book. Though, I didn’t love it either…
Ok, I can see why he sells so many books. He *is* a good writer. He manages to hold your attention throughout all 631 pages, which is no small feat, and his description of telephone poles was well-nigh poetic. His story “borrowed” (read: plagiarized) from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Obviously he meant it to be a modern day Dracula, but it still kind of felt like cheating. Every single character in ‘Salem’s Lot had a counterpart in Dracula. He also seemed to be borrowing rather heavily from The Haunting of Hill House; at least he shows good taste. There were several scenes to skip; random sexual stuff or unnecessarily gory details, but overall I was pleasantly surprised. I had anticipated much worse. Obviously not literary gold, but not half bad either.

Ok, well, I spoke too soon. I just had to stop and help two more guys with their papers. It’s the last week before finals, and everyone’s coming in and freaking out.

I’m reading Children of Dune right now, and I would just like to say, once again, how much I adore and revere Frank Herbert and his writing style. My head may explode. I shall say no more, otherwise I’ll give everything away, and that wouldn’t be cool.

Today I went exploring in the woods and, quite unexpectedly, in the muddy marshes near CU. While I got some awesome pictures, I don’t think I’ll be wandering through the marsh again anytime soon. I came back mud-splattered, thorn-torn, and starving. I found a wonderful pine woods, though, that smelled the most piney of any woods I’ve ever been in.

Hmm, well, I really have nothing to say. Quiet night with nothing to do but proof read papers…