Hello, world! It’s Thanksgiving! We didn’t really do anything all that special since we are in chaos, but it was still quite good and relaxing.

I made a mood theme out of all of my favorite things! I really don’t want to say how much time I wasted on it, but it was very fun. Although now I really want to go through all the moods because they’re all so cool, but I really don’t feel jealous or irate or listless very often, if at all, so I don’t know when I’ll ever get to use them. I really love run on sentences in casual writing, even though I abhor and eschew them in papers. I think it’s because the word ‘and’ is so neat and full of possibilities.

Last Saturday, we heard tell of a mysterious dog park, nestled behind WalMart, of all places. We were skeptical, but took off with Gracie to investigate. We drove around and behind and through, and there was this little opening in the woods at a dead end. We parked and started walking down the secluded trail, and a couple people with dogs passed us, and then, suddenly! We came into a huge clearing, and there were dogs, dogs, dogs! Dogs running free all over the places, no fences anywhere. Dogs playing with dogs, dogs playing with people, dogs digging, dogs kicking up their heels, dogs barking, dogs laughing at everything, small dogs and big dogs and dogs with blue eyes and dogs with brown eyes and dogs with giant paws and shy dogs and bold dogs. We all stood aghast, including Gracie, watching this scene of impossible magic, and then the dogs starting drifting over to say hello. Then there were dogs swarming all over us and dogs sitting on our shoes and dogs licking our hands and dogs laughing in our faces. Gracie desperately wanted to join them, and even though we never really have her off the leash because we don’t know if she’ll stay close, the dog happiness was infectious and we could not say no. I slipped off her leash, and she frolicked and played with everyone and it was very wonderful. There were a fair amount of people there, but no one was really talking because it was really a dog gathering. We were pretty much just guests. I counted 13 dogs playing in the clearing. When everyone was done, Gracie came over when I whistled so I could hook her leash. The other dogs decided to go play in a nearby creek, but Gracie’s long hair is very…dirt-magnetic, so we decided to wait on that until some day when she was already due for a bath. Then we drove back out, and it was like it had never existed, and I wasn’t sure if the people were real, or even if we were real, and if maybe it wasn’t just some sanctuary that all dogs feel drawn to and must go to frolic at least once in their lives, and maybe I wouldn’t be able to remember it at all the next day. But I remember it even now, so it must not be true.

Shh, go to sleep now. You’ll have good dreams.