Time for the baby of denial icon. I got an 87 on a paper. *hangs head* I am unworthy to be an English major! And I just misspelled English the first time I typed it! Due to numerous circumstances I do not wish to go into, this past week has been rather icky, and at first glance next week looks rather unpleasant as well. HOWEVER. I am determined to be chipper, even if it kills me. *narrows eyes*

The chipperness is made easier by the fact that last weekend was AWESOME. As in a mere 48 hours cannot encompass the awesomeness. We hiked, we climbed, we jumped, we twirled, we danced! We drank tea and ate popcorn and braided leaves together and went to bed too late, and it was grand. Except for the going to bed too late.

There’s a sign on the door to the garage that says “STOP! Don’t let Gracie past this door!!! Unless you want to chase after her down the street! Whistling may work!” I love my mom. We are remodeling or tearing the house apart or demolishing it or something, and the garage door is gone, hence the sign. Gracie doesn’t seem offended.

I have found so much internet glee of late! Behold:
Tubing gone wrong (right?) – I would do that! Does anyone own one?
Parknastics! – I’m not sure I want to do that, a lot of it looked painful.
I just really like explosions. And I love the dude counting down in…whatever language that is.
When you meet someone weirder than you, sometimes you just have to give them a little dignified nod.
This guy, even more so. Can I shake your hand?

^^I don’t advocate collegehumor.com at all, but I found these posted elsewhere and thought they were pretty snazzy.

Somehow the other day, I came across some creepy stuff on YouTube.
This is the most terrifying footage of a chupacabra I have ever seen.
Gollum lives, folks.

Have I told you guys about The Imaginary World of Mr. Toast? If not, I should have. It is quite possibly the best thing in the entire world, apples not withstanding. It’s like someone reached inside the heads of millions of people, delicately picked through their thoughts, and selected the most beautiful ones to be made into comics. I am serious! Just look! And every single one is just as great! If ever you feel the least bit down in the dumps, just go look at some Mr. Toast comics, and you will feel happy right down to your toenails.