I sort of want to do this one day. With appropriate padding, of course.

I have discovered bearded collies, through a random livejournal! Truly, they are wondrous to behold. No, really, behold.

Also, this is what I want to do when I grow up. Or maybe right now. *watches*

Anyone who has not read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson needs to do so immediately. I had to read it for the ever-awesome Honors class, and hopelessly enjoyed it. Hopelessly because I suspected what was going to happen from page 7, but it was all done so beautifully I didn’t care a bit. And I’m going to leave it exceedingly vague because otherwise it shall be ruined for you, so just read it!

Today at Harris Teeter, I was moseying by the meat counter when I saw an employee standing behind the counter. He had a rather bushy beard, and he was wearing a hairnet over it. Yes, indeed. I would not jest about such a subject. I blinked and kept walking, but inside I was laughing myself absolutely silly.

Sometimes I think that life, particularly college, is just too great, and I’ll find out later that none of it is real. *looks about suspiciously* However, reality is grossly overrated to the point of lunacy anyway, so I shan’t worry about it.