Kneeling in front of a coffee table to use a laptop grows tiresome, but otherwise I am doing quite wonderfully!

We had a great Last Great Day (haha, relgious puns, so fun), including one more fine sermon. I unfortunately spilled a glass of water all over my notebook, Bible, and myself, but that’s ok. Before church we walked around in the farmfields and whatnot, and I got some neat pictures if I do say so. I really will get those up here eventually, honest. After church we walked with the group on the 400 Bike Trail again, and this time I got some pictures of Canadian geese! Makes me feel very at home. We all got together one last time for dinner (we have a lot of those “just one more time” dinners…nobody wants to leave), had one more round of pool, said our goodbyes, etc.

On Sunday, we loaded up and moved out on our way to Madison for the symphony, with a caravan of no less than three mini vans following us. We had lunch at the same great Sunroom Cafe were we ate on Wednesday (hummus tobouli pita, and Italian hazelnut soda, baby!). I also FINALLY found that famed used book store, after asking a bazillion people. Just as a point of interest, it’s called Avol’s, and it’s off State Street. Now you know. It was incredible, but seeing as how I’d already bought 20-something books (the final count is a little hazy), I restrained myself and didn’t actually purchase anything. If anyone thought the girl hugging the books in the corner was weird, they had the good grace not to say anything. After that we went to the Symphony, which was beautiful! John Meyer (supposedly the world’s best double bass player? I’d never heard of him) was the soloist, accompanied by the Madison Orchestra. Meyer’s composition was so-so, but the Beethoven was good (obviously). After that, there were the final goodbyes said, and we drove down to Chicago.

On the way, we were slowly approaching a horse trailer as we motored along, and we could see movement inside. As we got closer, lo and behold, there was a lama! He was wandering around inside the trailer, looking out the back, and looking very lama-esque. I wonder if he talks with a Chicagoan accent. He looked very street-wise, although a big 18-wheeler passed his car and he leaned away in some anxiety.

We got to our grandparents’ house around 8, hung out, then fell exhaustedly into bed. This morning we hit Hobby Lobby just one more time (I’m sorry, we couldn’t resist!). Ed stopped in at the Chicago Fresh Market, ascertained that they did indeed sell wasabi peanuts, and chatted with the clerk about his own Fresh Market. Then there was more chatting with the relatives, and we just now left their house a little before 8. A rainy night in Chicago traffic was filled with minor adventures as always, and we are now safely ensconced at a motel just across the railroad tracks from Bell’s Pistol Range. Yeehaw! It’s actually quite nice, however, and their wireless internet enables me to update. Tomorrow we get up at the unholy hour of 3:45am, to catch the bus and then our 5:30am flight back home, so that Mom and Dad can then drive me back to Campbell in time for my class. ‘Twill be grand to be back, though!