It’s your friendly neighborhood traveler with another update!

Today we went on the Wisconsin Ducks, which we had done a few years ago, but which was still fun. The temperature dropped again! They’re actually predicting snow on Thursday and Friday! While this is, of course, awesome, we didn’t really bring snow-appropriate clothing. I hear layers are in, though. (Not really…I have no idea.)

Mom and I hit some of the shops today, mostly just looking, but I did find this absolutely adorable ancient tiny copy of The Idylls of the King by Tennyson at an antique shop, for a mere $4, so of course I had to buy it. I love antique stores; if I were rich I would probably furnish a good bit of my house from an antique store.

This evening the Canadian church members put on a dinner for everyone at the restaurant that’s here in the hotel (since today, aside from being Columbus Day, is also Canadian Thanksgiving), and it was so nice to eat with everyone. There are about 25 of us, so we took up the entire back room (again, very Marshbanks-esque). A grand time was had by all, then as the younger folks departed to the game room, Ed revealed a hitherto-unknown talent for pool. Seriously. All of a sudden he can play brilliantly. I’m slightly envious. He’s never even really played before! Up to this point, we’ve just sword-fought with the pool cues. Ah well.

You’re going to laugh, but…well, you’re going to laugh. I have been having awesome hair days every single day since we got here! I’d forgotten how much even my HAIR likes the midwest! When we moved to North Carolina, it was horrified by the humidity and pouted for days, and now it is rejoicing in the cool air of Wisconsin. If climate/landscape were the only consideration when it comes to moving, I would never go back to the south. Fortunately (unfortunately? so-so-ately?), we have a house and a wonderful college and even more wonderful friends in the south, so I won’t be leaving permanently any time soon. Doesn’t mean I can’t bask in this exquisite weather, however. I’m thinking about going for a walk…it’s in the upper 40s or so.