Oh, ’tis glorious! Today we went to the Fireside Dinner Theater and had a wonderful meal, and then we saw the musical 42nd Street, which was fantastic!! I felt like I was on Broadway; the dancing and singing were performed by professionals from New York. It was done in theater-in-the-round style, and we had great seats. It was absolutely lovely, and Sarah would have ADORED it. I just can’t say enough good things about it! *jumps up and down*

Ok, calmer now. Whilst driving around the Wisconsinian countryside, I feel more and more at home. I got a whiff of skunk today. You wouldn’t think you could ever miss that smell, but in small doses it’s more interesting than horrible, and it reminds me of Indiana. Then we drove by some cattle and it was the same thing all over again. Cows and horses don’t smell bad, at least to me. They smell so big and warm and hayish.

I have consumed insane quantities of popcorn today. I realized I had definitely been around Campbell folks a lot lately, because the thought crossed my mind that I shouldn’t get too close to Faith before I realized that she was more than 1000 miles away. :p

Oh, hey! I forgot to mention I finished Dracula a while back, and it was absolutely grand! I had forgotten how good it was. I remembered halfway through that Quincey Morris died! I love Quincey! He was my favorite male character in the book, aside from Professor Van Helsing. He’s so wonderfully practical and funny and full of action and never overly emotional. As Van Helsing says, “His head is, how you say, on a plane with the horizon.” Which is pretty much the best way to say someone is level-headed ever. Plus he died heroically, and I am a major, major sucker for the heroic deaths. I mean, lives too. But especially the deaths. They’re so noble. But anyway! Yes, read Dracula.

I’m almost done with Hornblower and the Hotspur by C.S. Forester, which is one of the favorite books that I brought with me on the trip. I love good books so much, I’m tempted to sleep with it under my pillow. But that might be awkward.