So many ideas I could write about! Or do art about! But no time. Also I believe the ‘creative’ mood theme has been tagged, by far, the most often.

I don’t really have anything to say, I just felt like typing. That’s the great thing about a blog. You don’t actually say anything, but your fingers get a workout. Oh, actually, wait, I did have something to say. I finished Godel, Escher, Bach a long time ago and forgot to tell you! You can get off the edge of your seat now. I technically skimmed some (read: a good bit of) it because of the exceeding mathness. I felt somewhat jipped in that it was more math than art or music, but that’s ok.

Right now I’m reading Frankenstein. For crying out loud, pull yourself together, Dr. F! No one made you sew corpses together to make a hideous monstrosity with impeccable grammar. You did it to yourself, Dr. F. No sympathy from me, none at all.

For The Literary Gothic, also known as the most incredible class ever, we read a bunch of neat stuff. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Hound of the Baskervilles, and The Turn of the Screw. First two I had read, the third I had not. Apparently I am pretty much completely oblivious to any Victorian-style insinuations, because we got to the discussion of the book and I was somewhat scandalized. EXTREMELY interesting class, however; I have never had so much fun in a class, and I generally have a good bit of fun in my classes.

Hmm, might be time for new icons. Funny how I always update on the weekends. Presumably because I don’t have 10 spare seconds during the week. I do adore school though; it is so wonderous! Also, refulgent is my new favorite word. There is a guy who sits behind me in religion who loves words! We traded words of more than 4 syllables back and forth the other day, ’twas grand. Anyway, refulgent means shining brightly, radiant. Isn’t that beautiful??

I have a confession to make. I have purchased something like 20 used books online. ThriftBooks.Com is my new favorite place on the internet. Most books are 1 cent (!), plus $2.50 shipping or so. They don’t have everything (what, no Hornblower?), but it’s sublime anyway. I don’t really feel guilty about buying so much. Technically it’ll all be second tithe, and I plan on reading horrendous amounts on the plane. Speaking of which, the Feast of Tabernacles snuck up on me. We leave a week from this Thursday. Which means I have to really get cracking on my schoolwork to get ahead before I depart. I’m writing this extremely fun paper on James Fenimore Cooper and Mark Twain, which needs to be FINISHED. It’s fun, but…still a paper. Does anyone else even read Cooper for fun? I loved his books…I should get those sometime. I’ve noticed I had a much higher tolerance for ponderous or “difficult” reading when I was younger. Hawkeye’s long soliloquies didn’t faze me a bit when I first read them, but I had some trouble getting through them a year or two when I reread the books. Same deal with a lot of the other classics; how did I get through them when I was younger? Now I have to be all “FOCUS, Ricker!” and I never used to have to do that. Good heavens. I hope that doesn’t mean by the time I’m 80 all I’ll be able to read are Tom Clancy novels. *shudder*

These are pretty much the coolest things ever, but I just can’t justify buying one. Maybe if they could double as armor, sure. Hmm. Ok, well I’m done.