Hello, world! The word of the week is sesquipedalian, which means “given to the use of long words”. Carve it on my tombstone.

This guy took a picture of himself every day for 6 years, and set them to music. That’s dedication.

There have been many grand adventures at school lately! Involving climbing many things, running down trails in the woods under a full moon, and other such grandness. I highly recommend it!

Oh my, I also saw Serenity with Faith and Sarah and…*brain ‘splode* Very, very good. Oh, how I love Firefly; why were you cancelled, why why?? I dearly hope there will be as second movie one day.
I did have a couple quibbles with Serenity. I wish they had done more with each character; it felt like new people wouldn’t really have gotten to know some of them very well. Although, I understand it’s a movie and therefore you can’t do the same things as in a series because of lack of time, so I guess I understand that. I thought the Operative was sometimes a little…silly? I guess that’s the word. And the fights between him and Mal began to get ridiculously long. That’s one thing about action movies. If you’ve ever done much sparring in real life, you know that you simply can’t fight all-out like that for such long periods of time, taking that many hits and getting that many injuries. You’d be unconscious. But, y’know, ok. It’s Hollywood. So whatever.

River was simply amazing. In the series, I admit, sometimes it was easy to overlook her because she spent a lot of time wandering around or screaming. But in the movie she got some true character development! There were so many beautiful moments in this movie, it was just! And I! And they! Yes.

I found some behind the scenes clips of Summer Glau practicing the martial arts moves, and it’s crazy-cool. She was actually doing pretty much all of that stuff; it wasn’t computer generated. That was some of the most elegantly choreographed and executed fighting ever.

I’ve been having amazing dreams lately. In one, I dreamed that Campbell had given me more scholarships, and that was really cool. I was quite irked when I woke up and it wasn’t true. I also dreamed that everyone in the gaggle could turn into wolves at will, and we ran in packs around campus. Whatever color your hair was, that was the color of your wolf fur, so I was a blondish furred wolf and Sarah was very dark brown. It was so cool, it makes me want to draw it or something.

However, the most interesting dream…
My English professor this semester, Dr. Davy, had a black SUV, and he invited a large portion of the English class to this swimming pool. So we all piled into the SUV, only the seats were in a circle, and there weren’t enough, so some of us sat on the floor of the SUV. It had tan carpet, by the way. We drove to the swimming pool, and it was around midnight (this made perfect sense, of course, in the dream). The pool had overflowed its walls so that it filled pretty much the whole room and there wasn’t really an edge, so we all got into this lifeboat/dinghy type boat. We were floating about, enjoying ourselves, when suddenly something bumped the boat. We looked about, but couldn’t see anything. Then the boat jolted again, so hard that the prow came up out of the water, and this time we could see it was a giant round worm! Much flailing about ensued. The worm hit the boat again, and this time it capsized. There were bleachers on one side of the pool, so everyone quickly swam for those and climbed up on top of them. I had fallen out on the other side of the boat, and a worm got between me and the bleachers, and I realized there were more than one of them. So I swam to the other side of the pool, where there was a railing I could climb onto. We were all perched up there, watching the worms swim around, when Luke (or was it Christina? I’m not really sure. There were a LOT of people there. I remember Sarah, Paula, Christina, Luke, Amanda, Mark, and a girl from my English class whose name I don’t even know, plus her boyfriend. I don’t even know if the girl even *has* a boyfriend in real life.) Anyway, Christina/Luke said we should drain the pool to kill the worms. Somehow, we accomplished this relatively easily, I don’t quite remember how. The worms were all sprawled out on the bottom of the pool, looking pretty dead, so we hopped down and went over to further investigate. As it turned out, they weren’t dead, just not feeling too hot, so we jumped up and down on them to finish the job. They still didn’t look very dead (they were trying to regenerate their squashed selves) so I got out my pocket knife and cut one in half. Only then we were afraid that they were going to regenerate more, so we just all started chopping them up in little pieces. We were going to throw the pieces outside, but I thought that it would be bad if they regenerated outside the pool and got loose to terrorize the population, so we threw the pieces back into the empty pool. We all hustled out, locked the door behind us, and were on our way somewhere else when, alas, my alarm clock rang.

Ok, that’s it, go to bed!