Greetings, fellow bloggers! Poor neglected creatures that you are.

School is well underway, hence my lack of online presence, lack of book posts, etc. College is just so great. Crazy-mad-cool! I love my classes, my professors, my friends, my roommate, and even my dorm room! Which reminds me, what would you name a philodendron? It’s been weighing on my mind.

There is talk of getting a group together to do an independent study of Old English! My joy knows no bounds.

Bookwise, I checked Godel, Escher, Bach out from the college library, and have been slogging my way through it. If I ignore most of the math stuff and just enjoy the paradoxical goodness of the rest of it, I’m fine. Otherwise, I get completely bogged down in the mathyness and it just gets ugly.

Oh my, I have found the coolest word EVER. I was reading something (I think it was the poems of Edward Taylor) and I came across the word smaragdine. There was a footnote that mentioned that this meant ’emerald green’. I just now googled it, and it’s true! That’s so beautiful. And then I found THIS. And that’s even cooler! I will have magnificent words for a year at least! I think when people ask me what my favorite color is, I should say zinnober. Except they would probably throw things at me.