Sorry for the infrequent updates! Every time I think I should post, I think of so much I would say that I realize I don’t have the time to type it all. So then when I *do* actually post, the entry is horribly long and I feel guilty for taking up all of my friends’ friendlists with my junk.

My wallet is still unfound, mainly because the police haven’t actually investigated. At all. I guess it’s understandable, they have murders to investigate, not the $2000 credit fraud of a 19 year old girl. But it still rankles a bit. All of the information I have, I found on my own. However, I finally (!) got the affidavit in the mail from my credit card company, so maybe now the police can actually, y’know, do something now.

I only have three more days at work, then I’m freee! For a few days, then I move back into school a week from tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it a lot, though I’m still somewhat torn, because this summer was so great. And it’s actually cooling off a little! Will wonders never cease. So I am feeling very contented and non-sweaty, which is always nice.

Well, I finished A Brief History of Time, but I wasn’t (and don’t kill me, please) horribly impressed. It was ok, it just wasn’t as great as I had been expecting. It was all relatively (er, pardon the pun) understandable and somewhat interesting, but I actually prefer a couple other physics books I’ve read to Hawking’s. I did read The Universe in a Nutshell by Hawking right after that, and I liked that one a bit better. It was more approachable, but also a little less pedantic. Or maybe I was just getting used to his style. I think part of the reason I was less than enthralled is that Hawking sprinkles his philosophical beliefs throughout, many of which I disagree with. Maybe that’s a petulant quibble over which to dislike a book though, lol.

I’m working on All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot right now. Karen recommended it a bazillion years ago (well, 2 anyway), and I’m really enjoying it! The man clearly has a well-developed sense of humor, and it’s a lot of fun to read his descriptions of various British farmers. I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like lately, so I’m hoping to finish this up, plus a couple more books before I head back to school on Sunday.

For some reason, we’re redoing the garage-turned-tv-room. Now it’s going to be an office and a tv room, or something. All I know is the house is a-shambles, which is slowly driving me up the wall. I have this thing for organization (er, you may have noticed). I can deal with a slightly dirty room better than a cluttered one, as evidenced by the fact that my desk is coated in dust but my clothes are organized by color (shut up! It works, ok?). Also on the downside, Gracie has more health problems than an anemic giraffe. It seems like minor ones keep cropping up all the time. You probably don’t want to know the slightly gross details of doggy ailments, but suffice to say it’s making life a bit more difficult, although she more than makes up for it with her sweet personality. She has a thing for the couch; she loves to rub her face on it. She likes texturey things in general; if I’m wearing pants out of a rough material she comes over and rubs all over it with this look of doggy ecstasy on her face. Goofy pooch. Unfortunately, she’s not quite aware of just how long her nose is, and is forever bashing it on things. It’s kind of funny, except it must hurt. If I were a collie, I’d be a little sensitive about people joking about my nose, so I never say anything to her about it.

I have made it to the D’s in my Musiczilla project! Hence the Dar Williams. I just finished a long bout with Dashboard Confessional. I have mixed feelings about Dashboard Confessional. Too much of it, and I can see how it could turn one woefully emo, but the lyrics are often quite original and well-written.

This is so awesome, it makes me want to go out and buy 8 treadmills.

Guitar tapping! Er, have I already posted that? I can’t remember. It’s still cool, though.

Still plugging away at remodeling my site. Blargh, takes so long. It’s looking rather nice though, I think. The only thing is, people keep asking, “When is such and such going to be up? I need it immediately!” and I’m like, “There is no time!!” I don’t know if I’m going to get to Anna Karenina before school starts. I’m going to have to make time to write though, because I’ve been scribbling ideas down but not finishing them.

Well, we’re off to Joey’s house for a shindig, so I shall continue this ever-so-important dissertation at a later date!