Hm. I thought I had updated a couple times since the last time, but then I remembered that I only *thought* about doing it and never did! I’m so funny har har.

Anyway! Books. I finished Life of Pi, and it was every bit as grand as the intro led me to believe. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. I don’t want to talk about it too much because it would kind of ruin it, I think, but just trust me, it’s good.

After Pi, I read The Longest Road, the last book in the Fionavar Tapestry trilogy. And…just…wow. I don’t know if I can talk too much about that one either, just because I don’t think I know the words. So, so good. I noticed Guy Gavriel Kay helped Chris Tolkien edit the Silmarillion, so I guess that explains it. You just don’t know what to do after reading those books. I do not know how he can blend so much sorrow in so much beauty, it makes you want to laugh and scream. As an aside note, I learned something recently; in Kay’s books, there are svart alfar and lios alfar, being (very) roughly the equivalent of orcs and elves, respectively, in Tolkien’s universe. But what’s so neat is this: while I was reading Corpus Poeticum Boreale in English, I was also playing around with the Old Norse, and learned that “svart alfar” is the Old Norse expression for Dark Elves, while “lios alfar” means Light Elves. I find that unspeakably cool. Do you realize how few people in this country know Old Icelandic/Norse? Actually neither do I, but it’s not many; it’s like a tiny little secret worked into the book. He also incorporates a multitude of myths into his story, which I thought was neat. It’s interesting to go through and say this came from such and such. It gives the books such a strong sense of history.

Well, I could go on about Kay, but like I said, I can’t do it justice. After Fionavar, I reread Prince Caspian by, of course, C.S. Lewis. I was going to read it right before the movie came out, but it looks as if the release date has been pushed back and I wanted to read it sooner. *hugs lovely Lewis books* I rather love him. It also helped that I was munching apples most of the way through the book. It’s such an apple book.

I read Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz, which may be his most recent book, I’m not sure. I thoroughly enjoyed it, one of my Koontz favorites. I’ve been reading so many great books one after the other, I feel a little book-drunk. My brain will explode from all the word goodness!!

And now I’m working on The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, so further explosions are no doubt imminent. This is the last Bradbury book the library has that I haven’t read. I don’t know what I shall do. It’s wonderful, though. Sarah told me the first story in the book and did such a great job I felt as if I had already read it. She will one day be a famous story-teller, mark my words. Her children will have word-feasts every night before bed. The rest of Illustrated Man is so far incredible, as befits a Bradbury book. I will report on it when I’m done.

This will no doubt be incoherent when I look at it tomorrow. I got up at 5:30 this morning to work the early shift, and it’s approaching 1am now. Next week will be easier, that is until we leave for Pennsylvania on Friday. Busy busy RUN AWAY NOW busy. It’s actually good though, I need the money. I got the first bill for this coming semester of CU. *wrinkles nose*

Hey hey! Last week the new seasons of Stargate started up. You better all have watched. *narrows eyes* ‘Cause it was great and all. I do dearly love my scifi.

Ok, names. I like names. A lot. I have pages and pages of names that I like. Names for dogs, cats, hamsters (we do not have nor have ever had nor do we ever plan on having a hamster), kids, book heroes, book villains, book two-bit characters who die in chapter one of horrible birth defects, etc. But also I like the ideas behind names and the power (?) in them. I think I’ve read too many old myths in which beings are bound or released or compelled or known too deeply through use of their name. In so many of the old stories, magic and power are tied to names of people, whether it be of the protagonist or the antagonist. It’s not just mythology, though; in the Bible, demons are cast out by use of Christ’s name. Biblical figures are renamed as they change (Abram to Abraham) or are given names prophetic of their lives or names that in some way tell their personality (Jacob) or the circumstances of their life (Moses). Presumably because of all that, I always viewed names as rather important things. Which is the only reason I can think of why it bothers me when people use my name (or someone else’s) lightly. At work, of course we all wear nametags, and occasionally I get customers who just seem to love to use your name. In the space of a two minute transaction, they say your name two or three times, but of course you don’t know their name. It reminds me of the old expression, “you have the advantage of me”, used when somone knows you but you don’t know them. It feels like they really do have an advantage, and yet I know that’s silly.

It kind of feels the same way when people give you nicknames. I always introduce myself as Stephanie. It’s the name I’d rather strangers use. Steph, Stephie, or any variations thereof are reserved for people who know me. Usually after a few months of being friends with someone, they’ll start to call me Steph on their own. I always notice the first time they do, because it seems like a marker of a change in the interaction. It means we officially know each other well enough to call each other by friend names instead of acquaintance names. So it’s a nice little thrill when friends call me Steph for the first time. But at the same time I absolutely HATE it when strangers who have known me a few minutes/days/weeks call me Steph. It feels like they have that old advantage over me again, because I don’t feel like we’re friends at all. Sometimes people I dislike call me Steph, and that’s even worse. Once in a while they seem to look at you as if they’re wondering if you’re going to object (or maybe I’m imagining that), but I never say anything. It seems even worst yet to admit that it bothers me to the person because then they would be fully aware of the advantage they have over me. Good grief, that sounds horribly superstitious, I can’t explain it right at all at this hour. 😛

Oh, I got new userpics! They are most snazzy. I seem to have gathered far too many Narnia ones, specifically of Peter, so I’ll try to spread them out and use them up without overloading anyone. Oh, also, I’m still working like a fiend on trying to get my site back up. Web design sucks up time like a black hole, it’s a bit horrid. I’ve made progress on the Musiczilla project, though! I’ve made it all the way to the Concretes, which means instead of finishing it when I’m 68, I may only be 31. I can live with that.

I had so much to write about and now it’s gone again! I really should make a list or something. I know, I’ll go to bed. Yes. That will be good. Very good.