I finished Dandelion Wine! And it was absolutely beautiful; I think I want to get a copy and make it tradition to read it every summer. And I was right, there were lots of jolts in with the deliciousness. Now I’m going to start Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz. Now, before any of you unfamiliar with Koontz start laughing, let me defend him. Yes, he occasionally has dumb titles. BUT he is one of the most talented writers of suspense ever, and even better than that, he does brilliant characterization. He can create a highly unique, interesting, and likeable character in only a handful of paragraphs, and he does it for every character in his books, even the dogs. Granted, a lot of them don’t survive to the end of the book, but they still feel like real people, and I get the distinct impression I could learn a lot from him. Plus, he even manages to work religion into his thrillers, which takes talent.

Last night we watched both Finding Neverland and National Treasure. Finding Neverland was good and very interesting, but also very sad, and I do love my happy endings. Nevertheless, it was far and away better than most of the movies out there and was quite lovely. Peter Pan was one of the unusual stories where I liked the movies better than the book/play, I don’t even remember quite why. I read the book and remember not really relating to parts of it, which I think might be the problem. The book went into further detail about Peter’s motivations not to grow up, and I thought growing up was ok. I never wanted to freeze time, but I always wanted (still want?) to slow it down. Everything is so interesting and it feels like I don’t have enough time to see it all in any given moment. Somewhere I read something where one person asks the other, “What do you want to know?” and the other one says “Every story written by every person in the world and the stories behind the stories.” or something, only that’s not it and I can’t quite remember, and I don’t even know where it came from. Or maybe I made it up a long time ago. I hate it when I don’t know what ideas are mine and which are other people’s.

National Treasure is such a *good* movie, and by good I mean yes, it’s entertaining, but also it’s wholesome, and that’s a rare thing. It’s clean and adventuresome and the hero is noble, and not in an irritating, self-righteous way. He knows the difference between right and wrong and acts like someone you’d actually like to know. So many of the “heroes” in movies are not very heroic at all, and while they’re funny or entertaining to watch, if you actually had to spend any time with them in real life, you’d probably hate them. On top of that, National Treasure is full of history (!! Wait, history can be cool??) and shows some intelligence. Again, very rare. I do hear they’re making a sequel for 2007, which fills my heart with trepidation. It was a great movie, yes, but sequels are such touchy things, it could be painful. Nicolas Cage runs kind of funny, I like him.

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