Wow, I am most definitely addicted to livejournal, I’m sorry guys. I feel like I must be overloading everyone’s friendlists with solely Stephanie entries. If you get tired of getting this all over your flist, you can unfriend me, I won’t be offended or anything. 😛

The trip to the library was highly successful, and I am now fortified with reading material for the coming three weeks. I go to Sandhills Community College’s library because it’s the biggest around here. In some ways, I love college libraries; you can find all sorts of obscure intellectual books. But sometimes it’s quite annoying, because they have so few new books. Forget the new Star Wars books, man. My other problem with this library is that the limit you can have checked out at one time is only 15 books, hence the reason I only got 15 today. I remember at one of the Ohio libraries, the limit was 40, and it was heavenly. We brought big boxes with us whenever we went to the library, so they called us “the box people”. It was quite awesome!

I already read one of the books, The Triumph of Achilles by Louise Gluck. It’s a book of her poetry, and I can’t remember who recommended it, but I’m pretty sure someone did a while back. She’s a very good poet who definitely has a knack for creating detailed images with just a few words. At the same time, I don’t think I liked her poetry. She *could* write beautiful poetry, but she just…doesn’t. Instead, some of her stuff is well-written poetry that is vaguely ugly if you look at it too long, and the rest could be good if she put the energy into her potentially-beautiful poems that she does into her slightly ugly ones. I kind of wonder if maybe her more recent poems are better, I might investigate further one day.

I also started The Crucible by Arthur Miller (are you happy now, Luke??) which is so far VERY good.

There are very few people in the world who will understand the awesomeness of this, but I was all a-thrilled. I got some of the Icelandic sagas at the library today, but it would appear the rest of the Eddas are there online for the taking!

Last night I was up later than everyone else, so I was trying to walk through the house quietly when I did go to bed, only my ankle cracked. Someday, some evil person or a giant bear will be stalking me through a dark and quiet house, and I’ll be slipping silently as a shadow through the room, brilliantly evading the giant bear or psychopath, and then my ankle will crack. And if I didn’t die as a result, I’d probably laugh.