Yes, I gave in, I am now the not-very-proud owner of a sponsored lj account. More userpics! I could have a mood theme of my very own creation! Limitless options, but tacky ads. Such is life.

Oh man, my DREAMS lately! So very cool. I have to write about it, they’re that cool. I’ll cut for length because they’re quite involved and drawn-out.
Ed and I were dressed to the nines, walking down a dirt road in mid-May. The 14th of May, I think (it was an incredibly detailed dream). We were walking with a large crowd of people, and it’s a dirt road I’ve walked down before in my dreams, but it’s never quite the same. I forget who all we were walking with, but I do remember a bunch of the college group was there as well as a lot of church folks. We were frolicking along and having a grand time, and we were all on our way to church because it was a Holy Day (even though there were no Holy Days in mid May, but whatever). We passed all of my cousins and my aunt and uncle who had driven up to a field near the dirt road and had all gotten out of the car for a photoshoot. We waved and stopped to chat as most of the crowd moved on past us, then we ran ahead again to catch up. Incidentally, even in my dreams, I can run in high heels, it’s beautiful. Anyway, we passed a huge barn, which I recognized from a dream from last week, although this week it was empty and abandoned and last week it was a cattle barn with…cattle. Ed and I poked around inside a little bit (all sitll in our very fancy clothes) and played with some huge bugs and got tangled up in vines, and then ran on again with the group. Finally we passed this exquisite green field bordered by a woods, much greener and prettier than any other field we had passed, and Ed was like, “Let’s go!” so we ran across the field by ourselves and ditched the crowd. Now, there were killer whales underneath the field like they would be underneath the water, and they were hoping to herd us back towards the group, but we were having so much fun frolicking and leaping just ahead of them that we wouldn’t go back. They kept surfacing through the grass here and there trying to stop us, but we were too fast. We became a little concerned about all the bugs, because there were so many coming after us, and we were afraid they were going to get stuck in our clothes. We were still running like the wind, and Ed said to run through the tall grass instead of the short, mowed places because the bugs would expect us to go through the short grass in our nice clothes and would be caught unawares by our stampede through the tall grass. All throughout the field there were mown designs, rather like crop circles only smaller and prettier. So we did that for a while, and my dress got grass-stained, but it was ok because it was my green dress from the spring formal and it didn’t really show. It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a dream, running with the killer whales in the grass. Finally, laughing and getting a little out of breath, we left the killer whales behind and ran back to the dirt road. We followed the dirt road up to the place where we were going to have church. Now the point of view of the dream changed, kind of like a movie, and I saw that in one of the houses we had passed on the dirt road there were a lot of rabbis getting ready for church too (even though we’re not Jewish…I don’t know.) They were in a hurry because they were going to be late, and they all rushed out to the car and drove to church. One of them was quite old, and he realized when he got to the church that he had forgotten his yarmulke. One of the younger rabbis offered to run back to the house and get it for him, but the old rabbi said, “You’ll never be able to find it. I know where I left it.” And then I could see his thoughts as if I was looking through his eyes and he looked up and saw me standing there in my green dress in church, and I saw his memory of chasing Ed and me through the field. He was one of the killer whales, and his yarmulke had fallen off in the field when he was trying to chase us, and he knew there was no time to get it before church started. But he just smiled at me and I laughed and ran away, and then I woke up.

It was such a lovely dream, I woke up and I had a little smile on. Now, the night before that I had a dream about fishing, only I wasn’t me and I lived in a different family, but it wasn’t as wonderful so I’ll skip over that one. I wasn’t actually in the dream, but I got to watch everything so it was just as good. The four Pevensies from Narnia were all there and they were the main characters, only they weren’t quite themselves. They all looked only a year or two older than in the movie, but inside they were very old and very wise, and it was a little scary to look at Lucy because of it. They had all come to live in a huge old house, only it was very different from the big house in the movie. It was old and falling apart and hadn’t been lived in for a long time, but it still had lots of old furniture inside. I think they knew the house from a long time ago, because they walked through the rooms and would remember things, but it was like it was so long ago they could only remember part way. Even though they looked young, they had been children, gone to Narnia, come back, and lived in this world for a long time, which was why they were so old inside and why they had forgotten some things from both worlds. It was a little sad as they were walking through the house because the things they remembered from Narnia, they hadn’t seen in so long and they weren’t sure if they would ever go back, and the people they remembered from this world were long dead. I think maybe they weren’t actually that old, because I’m pretty sure some of the things happened before they were born, but for some reason they could remember it all as if they had been there. Susan found a rocking horse, and she knew the little boy who had ridden it, only now he was dead for a long time. Lucy found a branch that was sort of shaped like a rifle, and she and Edmund were playing with it when she realized it was a toy gun with someone’s name carved in it, and when she saw whose name it was she started crying because the other girl who had made it had died so long before. It was sad in a bittersweet way, but still not a bad dream at all, just very, very old, and it made me feel like I had been alive too long. The children finally left the house, after cleaning up some of the cobwebs a little, and went to a store to buy some food. There was a big fish tank type thing with some small water animals and lots of plants and small trees in the middle of the store, sort of for decoration, I suppose. It had one of those short glass walls around it with a railing at waist-level so that you could see into it but kids couldn’t wander in. The seafood department was right next door, and Peter was watching all of this so I was sort of seeing it through his eyes. Even though they were all so old, the other still looked to him for leadership, which I thought was rather sweet at the time. Anyway, he was looking at the shrimp and all the others were standing around him, and Lucy whispered that everything was dead, only the plants and fish in the middle of the store were alive. And then, quite suddenly, one of the shrimp that was on display for sale got up, hopped out of the case onto the floor, scuttled across it to the plants and live fish in the middle of the store, hopped up onto the railing, and leaped into the water. This made them all feel much better, and they left the store without buying anything to go back to the house. Two adults came, I think it was their uncle and aunt, and wanted them to come home with them, but the children refused and said they would live in the old house. The aunt said it wasn’t healthy, that it was too depressing, but Peter put his foot down and Lucy was smiling again, which they took for a good sign, so they reluctantly agreed and went away. The children seemed content after that and not nearly as sad, and as they went upstairs into the house to clean away more cobwebs, I woke up.
It was actually a really good dream in spite of the sad parts…I wanted it to go on longer. I love dreaming, but once in a great while I wonder if perhaps I am going mad because my dreams are so bizarre.

I got my first Staples paycheck today! It certainly does feel good to be earning money again. Things continue to go well there. My old boss from the deli came in the other day and wasn’t surprised at all to see me there. She came right out and said, “Wow, this is a lot nicer than the deli, isn’t it?” “Er, well, I wouldn’t say *that*…” Although I may have been sort of kind of thinking it.

We lost power today for about two hours, and it was a bit discombobulating. Normally I love power outages, especially when I was little. You get to break out the candles and the firewood and the kerosene lamps and we used to cook chicken soup on the woodburning stove back home in Indiana and make shadow puppets with the firelight. But here, it was hot and rainy and humid, so we couldn’t go for a hike or play outside really, and soon it was too dark to read or draw or anything, and it was Sabbath time, and I found myself in the unusual position of having nothing to do. We all ended up playing with the cats a lot and getting slightly giddy. There was a good reason the pioneers all went to bed at sundown, let me tell you.