Everyone, be on the alert, there is a Cingular commercial that is using Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. It is a brilliant song and you should all hear it.

My foot is better today! *wiggles toes* And work went well, and it was a nice day, well actually it was raining, but that’s ok, and I have a Horatio Hornblower icon, and I am listening to wonderful music and the world is quite glorious.

I am THIS close to having completed the whole B section of my music. Next up, Cake, Calexico, The Calling, Capercaille, Carbon Leaf, etc. This much music might be unhealthy, but at least I’ll die happy.

Hmm. Tonight, I could either write an 800 word essay for a scholarship that I have slim chance of getting and which is due in one week, or I could work on the Colossal Story Project, or I could throw in the writing towel and go get some scifi. I have the Star Wars book or some Andromeda recorded, either of which would do nicely, but scholarships are money, and money is always needed, but then again the Colossal Story Project will not write itself, and that would be fun too, if mentally draining. Oh quandries of life! Maybe I’ll just eat some cheerios.

Edited two hours later: HA! Ate cheerios, wrote 950 words, and listened to more music. In your face, scholarship. Tomorrow I’ll tackle the rest.