This is our destiny calling,
We’re freaks.

Such productivity today! I finally, finally finished the Iliad, only to be thwarted of the satisfaction of Achilles’ death, because, duh, he dies in another epic poem (the Aithiopis, for those who are curious), not the Iliad. Oh well. I started up a book on Norse mythology which should prove very interesting.

Oh! Look at this! Does not happen often enough, so I had to take a picture of it. Archery was good today.

In addition to that, today Ed and I frolicked around the estate with a WD40 can and spritzed everything! It was good. And I went to the dump, and blasted U2 all the way there and back, which was fun as always. I also backed up every single file on poor Mini Jim, because he is rapidly deteriorating. It took 6 more cds, besides the 5 I already had, but everything is properly duplicated now. We took WAY too many pictures. Seriously, next semester, I’m imposing a limit or something. The thing is, it’s all so *good*. I couldn’t even bring myself to delete any. Clearly, everyone just needs to quit being so awesome. Is that so much to ask? Sheesh.

Oh, yeah, Mini Jim. Right now I have him sitting on a cooling rack with small ice packs stuck underneath the rack, and so far it seems to be working fairly well, however odd it may look.

I finally went through all my Campbell junk and figured out exactly how much they charged me (too much), how much they gave me in scholarships (not enough), and how much I have in student and parent loans (again, too much). It was actually not as bad as I feared, however, and I think all will be well. I just need to definitely keep working, hehe. It’s good to know where I stand, though.

I have so many huge projects this summer that I have yet to start, it’s a little pathetic. I should just do it and get going! They’re just…really huge. I have this story idea that’s partially written (well, 25 pages), and I want to do a whole series of books on it. Like 9 books or so. And I still have 22 languages to learn. Clearly, I need a time dilation device of some kind to accomplish all of this. Seriously though, I want to get so many stories written and so much linguistic stuff done this summer, and so many other fun things, my brain is going to explode.

I need new user pics…