It took until PAGE 373 before Achilles finally got his act together and joined the battle, and then he did a bunch of junk and fought a river (?!) and killed lots of dudes who were begging him for mercy. This guy is such a jerk! There is nothing excellent about “the excellent Achilles”. Anyway, he must be about ready to die, because I’m on page 430 or so out of 469. Also, I hate the gods. Imagine 4 year olds with semi-ultimate (can those words be used together?) power. Oo, wait, let me type that again…”I hate the gods”. Occasionally I think that just as I’m saying something like that, which by modern sentences is not radical, I will be transported back in time to whichever age would burn me at the stake/lynch/denounce me for saying that. Like all of a sudden, *poof*, I’m in the Roman Senate just as I’m saying, “I dunno, that Ceasar…the dude was not that bright.” Or I’ll be twirling around outside under a full moon and suddenly be transported to Salem in my Puritan’s garb with a bunch of town elders looking on in horror.

Oh, Staples! It turns out I am gainfully employed! I had a couple days of heave-duty training, and today was my first day at the register. Actually, at *any* register, except for that brief Backyard Burger debacle that shall not be spoken of. Anyway, it went very nicely, and I think they like me, and I think I’ll like the job, and I know I’ll like the paychecks, so all is quite well.

On a slightly less jubilant note, Mini Jim, my laptop, is dying. His fan keeps kicking into overdrive and every once in a while he just randomly shuts down with this horrible little gasp of exhaustion. I think I may be overworking him. But anyway, I’m backing up every conceivable file, link, etc. so that we can send him in to be serviced and I don’t have to worry about losing anything. Hallelujah for warranties!

Also not-so-gleeful, I’m having a crazy allergic reaction to something. I look somewhat like a red racoon…my eyes are all red and ITCHY SO ITCHY *claws at face*…So yes, not fun. I’m sure the customers are like, “…um, what’s wrong with her, and is it contagious?” This happened around the same time last year though, so I’m figuring it’s an allergy. I shall document this and watch carefully to see if it happens next year. I think I’m moving to Alaska.

Yay for summer free time, even if there’s still not enough of it! I’m making progress on my gargantuan music project! I’m all the way to the Br’s, starting with The Bravery on through to Bruce Springsteen. Music is indescribably incredible. Have you ever noticed the words indescribable and incredible are remarkably similar, if you just move a few letters around?

It’s like some really cheap horror movie! Only cool! Because it’s real!

Ok, this is only for those few Firefly fans who actually read this (what, 1 of you? 2?), but it’s some very cool fic. I have very mixed feelings about fanfic, but this is exceedingly, excruciatingly well done. At the end, at first you’re like “huh?” but then you get it and KAPOW. Anyway. Here it is. Only Browncoats need click.

If there was more, I’ve forgotten it and I’m tired and my feet are a little soreish from standing for over 8 hours. I always forget just how difficult that can be at the beginning of a job until you get all used to it again. One day I’ll get a job where I’m either sitting down or walking and then I will rejoice! But this will be good too.