The word of the day is phantasmagoria! ‘Tis good.

Oh oh, this is news. I’d always kind of wondered if C.S. Lewis took the name Narnia from Tolkien, because as everyone knows, the word “narn” means tale, story, or narrative in Sindarin Elvish. And I just came across a Wikipedia article saying that it’s entirely possible he did indeed get it from Tolkien, or maybe even vice versa. I always feel somewhat vindicated when my theories are somewhat…vindicated. Hmm. Well, it seemed cool a minute ago.

Well, school is now happily out, and I am contemplating much fun summerness. Although, there may be a bit of a snag with the Staples job, alas. Tomorrow I go in to see what’s going on.

I’m STILL reading The Iliad. It’s kind of slow going. Every now and then there’s a really good line, and I begin to suspect that it is, in fact, awesome, but then it goes back to endless chronicles of who killed the son of who, or how many ox-hides thick somebody’s fancy shield is. That’s all very well, but 260 pages of it gets a bit old. Achilles has been sulking in his tent for the past previously mentioned 260 pages, only emerging periodically to stick his head out and pout more about why he’s not fighting. If Troy had actually stuck to the book, Brad Pitt would’ve gotten about 4 minutes of screen time.

On a completely unrelated topic, word has it that there will be an 11th Star Trek movie in 2008. Some say it will be a prequel set even earlier than the Enterprise series, but the most substantiated theory seems to be that it will be about Kirk and Spock’s academcy days and first mission. BUT, you say, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy are in their 70s. What will they do? Recast, that’s what. I don’t know if I can get my brain around the blasphemy. On the upside, J.J. Abrams of LOST fame will be directing, which might be good, and he just recently hemmed and hawed and backed away from the whole recasting thing, so maybe it won’t be so bad. Don’t let me down, JJ, or there’ll be blood!

PS. Apparently I wrote this like 4 days ago, and never posted it.